“Under no circumstances is ink to be used in this office!”

I had to break down and buy something that probably makes money for the evil Koch brothers.  They own practically everything, it seems.  Nevertheless, I hope they get nada from today’s purchase.  I ordered prescription eyeglasses online again.  (I’ve given up on getting in at the VA.)  At least I’m a more informed buyer now.  I know they’re practically disposable in quality up front.  I’ve decided I’m okay with that.  🙃

I’m still waiting for prescription eye drops to replace my glasses.  I’m willing to settle for frames filled with a projected field.  In fact, I’d accept the same solution from me-powered false eyelashes.  (Perhaps a nano piezoelectric generator powered by blinks?)  Now get to inventing it, dear geniuses!    Please and thank-you!   💜  I picked some funky frames.  Partly because I refined my search until there weren’t many remaining to choose from.  Partly because I love colors.  I almost got some kelly green frog-eyes frames.  I chickened out.  I got these:

When I turn 50, I’m going to get rainbow glasses.  There’s this unwritten rule about surviving to age 50.  Once you get there, you get to throw off a lot of ridiculous crap you’ve carried around for no good reason.  I think it’s a fabulous prize.  I’m already making a list of things I’m not going to concern myself over from then on.  I. Can’t. Wait.  I’ve gotten the impression throwing off before age 50 results in people referring to you as eccentric.  (I can’t afford to double down since I already hold the title from autism*.  Therefore, I’ll wait.)

I’m pretty sure whatever lies beyond eccentric is too likely to involve involuntary commitment.  America is intolerant.  I still think we can collectively outgrow it.  I hope so.  I’m biracial, but one of them is African American. Therefore, I’m African American.  I’m autistic.  I’m a woman.  I have PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.)  I’m a humanist.  I’m pro-artificial intelligence with ethical caveats.  I support LGBTQIA.  I believe your gender is what you tell me it is, (not what I’ve been trained to assume.)

The cool thing (to me) is even though I’m eccentric, so are a lot of other people I love.  I feel excited when I meet someone who matches me on something.  I feel equally happy when I meet someone who doesn’t.  It feels like discovering something awesome.  My little sister, Heather, was practically my opposite in many ways.  She was loud and outgoing.  She felt comfortable talking to strangers and didn’t take any crap from anyone.  Even though she was a year behind me, I looked up to her when we were growing up.

I now know she looked up to me when we became adults.  (I still feel remarkably good about that.)  Whenever I think of her, I smile all the way through.  I guess it means I’m no longer grieving her loss, but celebrating her memory.  Or something.  I connected with my (chosen) sister Laina Eartharcher earlier, and it got me thinking about sisters.  I have an older sister close in age with Stevie Nicks.  She was already a mom when I was born, so I didn’t grow up with her.

My parents sent me to stay with her family during school breaks, (too many bullies in our neighborhood.)  I did note some things she seems to have in common with Stevie Nicks.  They both interact in a paced manner.  They don’t rush to respond, they think first.  (I’m trying to learn how to do it automatically, too.)  I usually reply as if speed matters.  It’s because my mind is going faster than I can talk, and I’m tangent-prone.  It would be better if I automatically stop and think first, rather than throw out the first thing that fits, (so I can hurry up and get back to thinking about other stuff. )  🙃

I’d better go practice my drums before quiet time.  I haven’t gotten any complaints, but I use sound isolating headphones while playing.  I’m not sure if it’s loud enough to disturb anyone, but I’m not willing to risk it.  ✌🏽


*I’m okay with people referring to me as eccentric when I know they’re trying to avoid saying autistic, (for some reason.)  I speak only for myself in this regard.  Eccentric has a positive connotation to me, (but I prefer accuracy.)

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  • Yeah! You had me at the first sentence 😁. Come for the “evil Koch brothers”, stay for the “eccentricity/autism” 😁👏👏🍾. And hell yeah to the rainbow glasses!! 👏👏👏🌟🌟🌟 I say go for it 🙃😎💪👍👍👍💞❤️💗🌟🌟🌟

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