“It hit her in the head!”

It’s been an awesome day.  No other way to look at it.  I’ve been creating riffs on my acoustic guitar and they’ve just been flowing out of me.  Each one inspired by mistakes I made when trying to copy professional guitarists.  So I guess simplified riffs.  I’m a rhythm guitarist because it’s perfect for me.  (Even when I play RockBand 4 on my PS4, I freeze on the solos.)

I’m a rhythm drummer, too.  I can’t even air drum with Phil Collins during his epic solo for In the Air Tonight.  My mind wanders too easily, or something.  When I practice drumming with music now, I have to pick songs I’ve never heard.  I can’t play along with Fleetwood Mac for an entire song because I start listening to Mick Fleetwood and the singing, etc. instead of playing in sync.  I end up sitting there holding the sticks as if I’m about to strike and listening to the song.

I’ve worn through my third pair of gloves.  I’ve been using the fake leather ones by Ahead.  I see duct tape in my future (since they’re $40 a pair.)  I played along with a bunch of country songs since I don’t listen to country music.  The only time I did was when I had a roommate in the Army who did.  She introduced me to Brooks and Dunn, Trisha Yearwood, Garth Brooks, etc.  I like country music.  I just like rock more.  I love the song, What If by Kane Brown ft. Lauren Alaina.

I like Slow Hands by Niall Horan, too.  I love his voice.  And something new from Garth Brooks.  I have a fantastic memory from a pub in the middle of nowhere in southern Germany.  I was with a small group of soldiers (out of uniform) and soon after we entered, Friends in Low Places came on the jukebox.  Every person in there sang along (loudly) in English, word for word, (of course I joined in.)  It was like a hug from Germany.  We were worried nobody would admit to speaking English and were trying to remember our newly acquired (and limited) German.

I installed the first half of my Halloween decorations last night.  It’s my creepy window.  A backlit woman screaming with eyes bugging out, and a ghoulish looking dude with heavy facial features and a greenish hue.  It looks wicked at night from the outside.  During the daytime, it looks awesome from the inside.  I forgot to look from the street on my way to work, so I’m not sure how well it looks from a distance.  I have a projector and some FX material to project horrors onto other windows, or to create them holographically by draping it over something or hanging it from the ceiling.

I have a killer sinus headache that won’t go away (despite my doing nothing about it.)  😂 I’m debating on a neti pot (it always ends in tears,) or a heating pad.  Or some wasabi sauce… That might work…  I’m off to determine the most fun method of ridding myself of this nagging pain.  Then I can continue reading, Sleeping Beauties, by Owen and Stephen King.  Yay.

2 thoughts on ““It hit her in the head!”

  • Ahhh so much we have in common, Wiser Sister! 💖. I created some of my coolest music by trying to copy other people’s music and messing it up lol. I like to play by ear, and I like to learn how to play other stuff, but then when I mess it up, I’m all “well, that wasn’t the right song but damn, that actually sounded cool!” And I’ll build on it on my own and that’ll become an original song 😁. And drumming!! Omg yes. I’m teaching myself a little and I’m really uncoordinated these days, so it’s tougher for me than I thought it would be, but I keep at it 👍. You go girl! Will caffeine help your headache? If it’s a sinus headache, maybe Sudafed? That’s one of my new friends lol 😉. Either way I hope you feel a lot better soon! 🌹🌹

  • That. Is. So. Fabulous!!! It’s exactly what I do!! (With the same few chord progressions I know every time.) 😂 I *had* to learn how to play More Than Words by Extreme, and Rock Lobster by the B52’s. So I know some other chords, but rarely use them other than when playing those songs. I’m presently focused on tone and volume variation, which both have led to a surprising increase in overall skill. I wasn’t coordinated at all when I started learning the drums (it’s not been a year yet.) You can almost feel the new pathways forming in your brain as you practice the rudiments. I’m focusing on controlling how hard I strike now that I’ve acquired some 4-way coordination. I feel more athletic from drumming, too. Weird, huh? I forgot about caffeine! Thanks! It’s probably that, hahaha. Mwah! 💜💜💜

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