First he vomits on me, then he burns down my father’s cabin.


It’s been a strange day.  Time keeps getting away from me.  I talked so much today, my voice is nearly gone.  I spent time on Skype talking to S. earlier.  It wasn’t planned in advance, which stresses me out, but I enjoyed our chat.  (I had something else planned, but couldn’t work out when to interrupt and tell her.)  We talked about the strange things my body has been doing of late, and she assured me I’m not mutating.  It’s normal for women to have hormonal fluctuations during each month.  She also reminded me the levels tend to drop as we age. 😶

Afterward, I spent some time researching hair removal options.  Laser looks promising.  I noticed my internet speed was off and did a speed-test.  It was a third of usual speed, so I started troubleshooting.  After messing around with my router, (in the advanced tab, where my skill level is trial and error,) and resetting my modem, the issue remained.  I called tech support.  The woman who helped asked if I was on wired or wireless when I tested my connection.  I told her I’m a geek.  (It usually speeds up the process considerably.)  She laughed and said she’s a nerd.  All formality was dropped, and we started talking about video games, operating systems, hardware, etc.

Every so often, she’d ask a question related to my issue.  We talked for three hours.  The only time I talk on the phone is when I’m calling tech support, or my sister (who decided she doesn’t like texting.😑)  I’ve finally convinced everyone else to text or email. (It took years.)  Look at me talking on the phone for three hours!  Who the hell am I? 🤣  Turns out, Nerd Girl lives in the adjacent apartment complex, (run by the same staff.)  We compared rents and utility bills, favorite anime and manga, and generally geeked out.  It was like I knew her forever, and we were catching up.

She did a great job of keeping the conversation flowing, which made me adore her.  (The entire concept of small talk usually makes my stomach hurt.)  We talked about the creepy guy who sits in the hot tub and watches people swim.  I told her I made a story for him, so it didn’t feel gross to swim.  I decided he’s a veteran who uses the hot tub for physical therapy.  I started getting a little anxious because my inner adult insisted I was oversharing.  Then she mentioned Warcraft, and I forgot all about being anxious.

M. and Amelia Bedelia complained about being neglected.  (I usually info dump on M. while he falls asleep.)  By the time we hung up, I was having trouble with my speech.  I think my mouth is too tired to form any more words correctly.  So…  Hi.  I’m Alison 3.0, and I talk on the phone for hours at a time, like I’m a neurotypical teenager or something.  Thought you should know.  🙃