Honey… Aren’t we going to the Poconos next Friday?

Today flew by.  We have a new code monkey at work.  My boss took my advice and hired a disabled veteran.  I helped her get oriented this morning.  I’ve seen her at the VA a few times and am glad to have another woman at work.  I hate being the token anything, but if I had to pick, I’d rather be the token black person than the token woman.

Someone said something ridiculous about Taylor Swift today.  She’s never been on my radar, but I’ve seen her perform on TV.  I forget which awards, but she brought it.  I remember thinking she was so young, and would probably have a long career.

The comment kinda pissed me off, so I asked the commenter if Taylor Swift didn’t return his text message.  He looked at me like *I* was the one being ridic.  So I asked again, stating we should get to the bottom of what Taylor Swift did to him to make him say such a thing.

Turns out, she didn’t do shit to him, (he’s never even met her.)  I leaned over and Googled her on his terminal.  Her latest video popped up, and I clicked play.  It’s a song titled, Look What You Made Me Do.  Before long, everyone was gathered around watching.  (Music videos and car accidents, eh?)

When it finished, I told him she doesn’t need me to defend her.  I don’t even try to interpret music videos, but I think Taylor Swift pulled an 8-Mile move:  Self-deprecation, wit, and fierceness.  (Plus, it has a nice beat, and you can dance to it.)  I bought the song and will get the album when it comes out.  She’s on my radar now.

I haven’t bought music by someone so young in ages.  Oh, wait.  I forgot about Justin Beiber.  I like his voice.  Come at me.  😂  I saw an interview of Chrissie Hynde (The Pretenders) and Stevie Nicks on Youtube earlier.  (It’s from an Austrailian station, I think.)  They’re touring together!  People who take pictures and video at concerts:  Please upload to YouTube.  Thank you!

There’s a part of the interview that mentions Chrissie Hynde’s book.  She’s a survivor.  Some survivors who read her biography were upset by how she told her story.  She said, “They can go fuck themselves.”  It made me cheer for her.  I’m so glad she didn’t let them invalidate her.

Someone did that to me once, but I was too stunned to respond.  I just sat there and felt the tears roll down my cheeks.  It was one of those upsets that sticks around long after the tears are dry.  When Chrissie Hynde said that, I stood up and said, “Yeah!”  Guess what?  It no longer bothers me.  I just needed to see another woman take back her power.  I’m glad it was such a cool lady.