“I hate men, but I’m not a lesbian!”

I’m in Colorado for the weekend.  We planted a few trees early this morning, and are getting ready for another round of digging in the dirt.  It felt awesome to sleep under the stars (kinda.)  I mean, technically it’s impossible not to, but I was in a tent.  Nature is an excellent sleep aid.  I didn’t sleep particularly long, but it’s the quality that counts.  My cellular reception is better here than at home.  M. is surprised I brought my laptop.  I’m a soldier to my core.  Before I move to an even more remote location, I’m going to test the shit out of my equipment and develop some reliable redundancy.  (Is that redundant?) 🤣

We’ve spent hours talking about the future.  We’re going to help build a community of people who refuse the grid.  We’ll communicate via the internet.  People from all over the world who choose to stop abusing the planet.  This will take a lot of effort to convert from idea to reality.  Good thing I’m a wee bit on the obsessive side, eh?  My goal is to make the conversion affordable.  (To me, that means free.)  So anyone from anywhere can participate.  Absolute inclusion.  Be alive to enter.  (So I guess the dead aren’t invited but bring your best memories.)

M. is focusing on the medical side.  Lots of people on earth are elderly, infirm, dependents, and/or disabled, which determines the (new) standards.  The abled adjust, (this time.)

The quality of life of the least able among us determines the level of humanity, civility, and righteousness of the people.

I think we all know this, deep down.  Many pseudo-adults in our cancerous, existing status quo resent this, like toddlers.  They’re humanities disease.  We must heal what we can heal, for the sake of all.  I’m excited, most of all, but lots of other feelings, too.  It’s going to take a lot of time and every resource I can muster.  It’s going to take the will of lots of humans.  Striving spirits.

My time here has brought a smidgen of clarity to my thoughts regarding spirituality.  I’ve finally managed to define what it is regarding people I find so loveable.  I’m attracted to striving spirits.  I don’t care if you call it Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, atheism, or something  I haven’t heard of yet.  I don’t care if you call yourself a Latter Day Saint or Catholic, or Muslim, etc.

It’s your striving spirit I see and love instantly.  Striving to be all you can be. (The irony never stops. 🤣)  You’re on the road;  I’m waving you in for an embrace.  Sophistication isn’t in the cards for me. (I just proved it by thinking, “Whatever.”)  The Muse is still dancing on the wind.  She’s like a smile that won’t go away.  I love her.  (She knows Stevie Nicks!)  I know, I know.  “Geez, Alison, when are you going to chill about Stevie Nicks?”  Right?  Welp.  You’ve had (as much as) decades to relax, knowing she exists.  I was under a fucking rock, and have only had months.  So… gimme a few decades, alright?  Glad we had this talk. 🙃

Here’s a song I remember from my childhood that reminds me of Stevie Nicks:

Be like the bird

Who halting in her flight

On a limb too slight

Feels it give way beneath her

Yet sings, sings

Knowing she hath wings

Yet sings, sings

Knowing she hath wings


I’d better get back to work.  In case someone is inadvertently stung by the (random-ish) Seinfeld quote in the title, here’s my truth:  I don’t hate men.  If I could choose my sexuality, I would pick lesbian in a heartbeat.  (Women are so easy to love.  I just lack the desire to have sex with them, which I understand is a disqualifier.)  Off to dig and discuss. 💜