What do you tip a wood guy?

So what on earth is a real Christian, anyway?  I’m so glad you asked!  😂  I’m going to tell you what I think it means.  I’m an intuitive person.  I live my life like a real Christian because I find it logical.  I’m not a Christian.  I don’t believe the Holy Bible, or any other book is a Divine inspiration.  However, this doesn’t affect my desire to live in my spirit.  I do so because it’s my will.  It means I make choices based on what I believe to be righteous and good.

I abhor sin rather than hiding it, disguising it, lying about it, pretending I wasn’t aware, etc.  (Sin is doing what you know is wrong.)  If I know it’s wrong, I don’t try to skew reality to make it acceptable.  I check myself and correct myself.  This is what separates children from adults.  I’ve honed the ability to detect right from wrong by paying attention to what the universe teaches me and behaving only in ways my conscience approves.  (Doing what you know is wrong weakens your spirit, and nobody can hide the sins of their flesh from their spirit.  They’re connected.  Hello!)

I began by naming my conscience Jesus Christ and striving for his approval of my heart and actions.  (This is probably where most Christians start, assuming they also attend some sort of Sunday School or the equivalent.)  He’s been my imaginary friend since I was a young child.  As an American, this was done by rote.  It’s by design, but I don’t trust the motives.  (I do find it amusing I was able to make it work for me, despite what I strongly suspect was merely intended to control humans.)

As I grew and was exposed to more information, I gradually recognized reality versus what I was taught, and adjusted accordingly.  I purged my internal database of things I only knew by rote.  It hurt, sometimes.  I find the loss of belief quite painful, but endurable.  I had a similar reaction when I discovered my dad wasn’t Santa Claus (and parents can lie.)  I decided I held similar values as many of those espoused by the New Testament.  I also left room for my own beliefs and values because I’m responsible for me.  I’m responsible for my choices.  I’m an adult.

I don’t know if there is life after the death of our flesh.  I can imagine life continuing in spirit.  Our spirits aren’t subject to the laws of the known universe, and therefore, may be immune to decay.  The only issue in this regard I find concerning is the fact so many are oblivious to living in their spirit.  I don’t know the physics of how the spiritual plane works.  I try not to go too meta (because I doubt I’d come back.)  😂  I believe all that is alive is connected because I sense it.

If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be writing this.  I wouldn’t spend so much time nudging other spirits with love bombs (I’m so addicted to this.)  Instead, I would probably be wasting an extraordinary amount of energy hating 45 and Sessions and Mercer, etc.  As if that would do anything but weaken my spirit and immune system.  🙄  I know this because I found out the hard way, and learned it’s not worth it.  In fact, it’s counterproductive.  Hating something alive is ridiculous, and harmful to the hater.

When I find myself in a murderous rage against someone or something, I usually waste a few hours, energy, and tears writing a really long post about it.  Then I check myself by reading it later while my imaginary friend, Jesus Christ, reads over my shoulder.  It works incredibly well, I must say.  I have a Council of Wonder Women guiding me, too.  Lisa Bloom, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Malala Yousafzai,  Maya Angelou (her words are forever), Stevie Nicks, Beyoncè, Sheryl Crow, the leader of my resistance group, my resistance sisters, and all the people of the resistance, (all genders included, I just like calling them my Council of Wonder Women.)

It’s a big council, but they mostly remind me to think, be loving, and be myself.  I’m grateful (because I can imagine this blog and my Twitter feed if I didn’t have their wisdom guiding me.)  😲 😂  Part of being human is discovering your spirit.  It’s the part of you that isn’t bogged down with worldly concerns.  It’s our true self.  It’s the part of you I know exists, and already love.  Sometimes, I waste time wondering if people like Paul Ryan even have a spirit because they don’t behave as if they do.  I’m striving to cease this activity.

It makes more sense to assume everyone has one, no matter its state.  Some people are unapproachable in their flesh.  They’ve severed their connection to their spirit to a shocking degree, and require focused effort to connect with in the spiritual plane.  45 is an example.  I love-bomb his spirit because I can, (and my conscience insists.)  I have to go outside and walk on the lawn barefoot to focus my aim at such an elusive target, but I can do it.

People who live in their spirit are readily detectable.  They despise sin and take action to eradicate it from their life.  They’re honest.  They care about being righteous, not about what people think about them.  They live their beliefs from day to day.  It’s a lifestyle commitment to strive for what’s right, not an act to hide what’s not.  They live in their spirit, and it shows through their loving actions.  They’re attractive to other striving spirits in a non-fleshly way.

Many think they can fake it.  Fakes don’t believe in their own spirit and assume it’s all a game where they can cheat.  They embrace sin and strive to hide it in the world, or even alter reality, while their soul is naked, weakened, and exposed.  In fact, it’s a choice.  I’m uninterested in where the path of sin leads.  I choose to live in my spirit, where embracing sin makes me ill.  I pick love, life, and light.  I hope you do, too, but only you can decide.