She didn’t know about pasteurization, he didn’t know about fumigation, but they made it work!

Okay.  So I said I wasn’t going to blog anymore.  (And repeatedly whined about how tired I am…  And may have even implied my life is harder than everyone else’s…)  Yep.  I remember.  Welp.  I changed my mind.  Turns out I’m not too tired to blog, and my life isn’t harder than yours.  I know.  I should be embarrassed, or something.  Nah.  (It has to involve inappropriate nudity for me to get embarrassed.  And I’d probably just double down with inappropriate laughter.)

I’m in Mexico City, presently.  I lost my $400 Bose QC35’s already.  I left them in the vehicle that transported me from airport to hotel.  I’m really bad at keeping track of my stuff when I’m traveling.  This is a big ouch as I use them for about 10 hours a day, every day.  At least I brought some earbuds that work with iPhone 7+.  They’re not burned in yet, though.  Also, I hate earbuds because they mess with my balance, and the OEM version didn’t even fit in my apparently small ears.

I had a stop-over in Denver, which is Mountain Time.  Then I flew here, which is back in Central Time.  I love time traveling, (even in this insignificant manner.)  I’m a bit obsessed with time as a concept, and think it’s cool I went backward and forward on the same day.  Aside from losing my most useful gadget, it’s been an easy trip.  I’m mostly bummed because as much as I use them, I’m not going to replace them.  I refuse to buy anything more from a retail establishment.  If I can’t get it at the Farmer’s Market or sites like Etsy, I won’t get it.  I’m on strike as a retail consumer.

I met my prodigy (and her mom) at my hotel earlier.  I saw photos before, but she’s cuter in person.  She wanted to stay at the hotel with me, but I said we should do a slumber party with her mom and sister on another night.  I told her a slumber party requires at least three, otherwise it’s just a sleepover.  (I forgot I can’t use the Jedi Mom Trick on someone so brilliant with my mere Aunt skills.  She’s humoring me, I’m sure.)  I like her mom, too.  She’s nicer in person (than when scolding me on the phone for sending her daughter a laptop without asking permission first.)

I apologized again but she said it’s forgiven.  Yay.  I’m hoping I get some sleep tonight.  I bumped my head on the airplane window from nodding off.  The guy in the seat next to me laughed pretty hard, (which made me laugh, too.)  I didn’t have to take off my shoes or put my stuff in bins in security.  I just had to walk through a metal detector.  It totally messed me up.  I grabbed a bin and carried it through the metal detector while my luggage went on the trolley, bin free.  The TSA guy kept reassuring me I didn’t need the bin, which cracked me up.  I handed it to him while giggling.

The airport in Sioux Falls is so tiny compared to O’Hare or Denver International.  There are no concourses.  Just Gates 1-6, IIRC.  It has an elevator and escalator to take us up to the other level.  (I know where every escalator in Sioux Falls is located.)  It’s the only ride in the whole airport.  In Denver, they have trains and moving sidewalks (where you can run like a sparkly vampire when it’s not too crowded.  People just assume you’re late for a connecting flight.)

I’m going to take a tech-free staycation when I get home.  Including turning off the wifi in my apartment.  I’m so happy it’ll be fall soon.  I need to spend some time outside without any noise.  I need to touch some trees and walk barefoot in the grass, and just be silent for a while so I can catch my breath.  It’s the medicine I’m craving.  M. was worried about my flying here alone.  For some reason, he thinks Mexico is too dangerous for travel.  I’ll have to bring him next time so he can stop being a doof.

I’m super excited for tomorrow because I’m going exploring.  I’ve already bonded with some locals just by saying, “Fuck a wall!”  I have a feeling it will be funny here forever.  I saw what North Korean Caligula did earlier.  Putin must be getting nervous.  He’s letting all his puppets play with fire to distract from his greedy plot.  So much money and all of it fake. Why is this rocket science to so many people?  His agenda is as clever as returning to coal.  (Which is something Putin would love to see, as he’s trying to accelerate global warming, the ignorant fuck.)  Mediocre villains are lame.

I’m sending lots of love and comfort to Houston and affected areas, along with a Red Cross donation.  I hope I can do more when I get home.  I have experience with cleaning up after tornados, so maybe that’s something for which they’ll recruit volunteers.  If the government fucks over Texas yet again, many of us fellow Americans will catch you up. We love Texas, and we remember Katrina.  We’ll get through this together.