It actually started with George and his mother.

I had an off day.  It’s still positive, though.  I recently followed an autistic activist who has since blown my mind with helpful information.  I’ve seen their posts in the past, but sporadically.  I thought I was already following them, but after I messed around building an app to help manage my account, I’ve experienced some uh… unanticipated features.  On my lifelong quest to avoid being an asshole, I’ve met people who greatly contribute to my efforts.  I adore humans who help me be a better person through their example, information or both.

I got my notification postcard indicating I’m an official member of the Democratic party.  (I was an Independent before.)  I held it up while facing east and presenting finger to 45.  (It was a moral imperative.)  Did you see his budget proposal?  Are you fucking kidding me?  I don’t think it will pass.  I’d like to take a moment to gently remind Congress what humans do when they have nothing to lose:  They fight back like their lives depend on it.  People who aren’t directly affected by the proposed greed often fight beside them, or on their behalf.  Love wins, life wins.  Eugenics is the epitome of unethical concepts.

The GOP is going after the most vulnerable Americans because they’re vulnerable.  The Republican party wants to punish them for existing.  They want to damn the poor, the sick, the disabled, and the elderly for being poor, sick, disabled, and elderly.  They don’t want to stop there.  They also want to increase the number of Americans who live in poverty.  The proposed budget documents the GOP’s callousness and greed.  They pretend to want smaller government, but in reality, they want the government to stop holding corporations accountable for breaking laws.  They want the laws removed so they can rape the planet without getting fined.  Fuck the Koch brothers and the rest of the small nations posing as citizens.  I hope they all die in a fire. (Agnostic atheist for go to hell.)

Fortunately, even if they don’t die in the manner I’ve suggested, they’ll still die.  They can’t buy a new body (yet).  In twenty years, most of these evil men will be dead.  Good riddance to anyone who values wealth over life.  Too bad we can’t vote them off the planet.  It would certainly be logical.