These are the droids (words) I was looking for (but didn’t know it!) Understanding is wonderful.

the silent wave

I have almost always been prone to irritability. I could never quite understand where it came from. It would just be there, instantly, as if on 24-hour standby.

Anything could set it off. Looking back to early childhood, I remember setting something on a dresser in my room, only for it to fall back off.

Boom! Irritability sprung, and often, anger lashed out.

As I grew older, fresher situations come to mind, such as the inattentive driver who almost hit our truck. Another near-miss (or would that be “near-hit”? The English language is quite peculiar sometimes). We might have made it through the harrowing situation unharmed this time, but would we be so lucky next time? Roll the bones. And why in the hell couldn’t the driver paid more attention?

Boom! Four-letter words escape my lips.

Anger doesn’t come from nowhere, of course. There’s always a precipitator. Sometimes it’s a…

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