George, your cousin Shelly is talking to you!

I’m in the planning stage of another Great Purge of Possessions.  Watching Tiny Houses makes me hate most of my stuff.  I’d love to design one, but I never get very far in the process before realizing it’s no longer tiny.  I saw one recently where the owner was a nerd.  It was my favorite episode so far.  He integrated gadgets and automation with thoughtful planning and created a (too) masculine nerd cave.  It led to my imagining what I would have done differently, which led to my again acknowledging a tiny house would be a disaster for me.  Cut to my tiny house laying on its side, laptops strewed everywhere, and my maniacal laughter floating on the wind, in the middle of the prairie.  There, saved time and money.

I do like the option of being able to take my house with me, but then I remembered I have a tent.  It was an impulse purchase.  I created a bugout bag and figured I may as well add shelter.  (Zombies.)  I’m not outdoorsy, (the Army ruined outside for me.)  I’ve fantasized about living in a habitat hovering over the surface of an alien planet, where going outside was really viewing a superbly lush and detailed holographic projection of an imagined landscape around my treadmill.  I’ve also fantasized about my walls being screens that could also make the room and furniture skinnable.  (Like living in a green screen studio.)  Well, I may as well spill it all.  I want life-sized Lego blocks made of a super-strong, lightweight material that probably doesn’t exist yet.  Along with specialized blocks for utilities.  Then I want some of those stilts worn on HGTV when they’re scraping the 80’s off the ceiling so I could build my own house.

Think of the possibilities.  Interior Decorators could use Minecraft as a design tool.  People could create artisan blocks and sell them on Etsy.  Of course, there would be Star Wars themed bricks.  (I would build a Firefly shaped house in a heartbeat.)  When people get married, they can combine their bricks.  Grandma can knit you a brick cozy.  Bling bricks for the wealthy.   Emergency self-inflating bricks made of recycled materials to shelter from disasters.  And a show on HGTV.  Hosted by Chip and Jo from Fixer Upper.  Because I’m sure they have time, between the business, show, kids, animals, and life.  Well, maybe just a 1-hour special annually.  Or a contest to see who built the coolest Lego home that year.  Yeah.  I’m liking this more and more.  An organic material that allows grass to grow up the sides and on the roof.  Water collection bricks that purify rainwater and recycle waste water.

The ideas keep coming.  Perhaps magnetic sealing between bricks.  That sparks a whole other tangent.  I can tell I’ll be obsessing over this for a while.  In the meantime, I need to get rid of The Everything.  Back to purging.