I trained those birds for 8 years!

Today flew by.  I read about #TrumpCuts.  It’s in keeping with GOP greed.  Apparently, fucking up affordable healthcare access with #TrumpCare wasn’t enough.  Now they want to eliminate the arts, Meals on Wheels, and PBS, for starters.  #TrumpCuts is brutal, but there will be no shortage of weapons.  They rolled out the sociopath, Mulvaney, to lie and deny.  He claimed programs like Meals on Wheels, and feeding poor kids at school to help them focus and learn aren’t working.  Naturally, he expected us to just take his word for it, as he offered no evidence to support his lie.  I did a bit of research and verified Mulvaney is full of shit.

The cost of 45’s golf vacations to Mar-a-Lago could have financed Meals on Wheels for more than a year.  And that’s not including the losses incurred by 45’s security violations and Russian spy passing.  This is just the tip of the iceberg of corruption floating in the swamp in D.C.  The corruption runs deep.  In the eight years of Obama’s presidency, apparently, the GOP put all their efforts into obstructing Congress.  They sure as fuck didn’t use that time to come up with a decent candidate to run against Hillary Clinton.  Watching the GOP fuckups point out each other’s flaws and corruption during the primaries was bad enough.  That they continue to support 45 is astonishing.

At least until I remember many of the GOP leaders are complicit in #RussiaGate.  We have an Attorney General who lied under oath, then lied about lying under oath, all while being a racist piece of shit.  The swamp is dark and vile.  Ew.  Fortunately, America is her people.  The vast majority of Americans aren’t millionaires or billionaires.  We work to get by.  Some of us aren’t able to work, and are forced to make ends meet with very little.  Most of us manage.

Part of what makes it possible are the programs that exist to ensure Americans are getting their most basic needs met, even when things are rough financially.  I mean programs like a free breakfast for kids from poor families.  Hungry people can’t concentrate.  If a child is too distracted by an empty stomach, that child is not only missing out on their education, they’re also probably acting out and distracting other students.  Humans do that when they’re hungry and have no food, (not just children).

Meals on Wheels is an excellent program.  It helps seniors remain independent in their own homes, even when they don’t have relatives or neighbors who look in on them.  I enjoy volunteering for them.  It’s as good for my mental health as it is for my clients.  Helping others is a great way to boost your self-worth.  Imagine how nice America would be if we all had a healthy sense of our own worth?

Since I have no actual representation in Congress from my own state, (just three people who probably wish I’d move to California with the rest of the “hippies”) I’ve decided to do what I can.  If the mad budget proposal passes, I’ll volunteer to fill some of the holes.  Someone on Twitter suggested we all adopt a senior.  I think that’s a good idea.  We should become better neighbors and help each other through this regime.

Hopefully, he’ll be impeached and imprisoned, but in the meantime, it doesn’t take much time to knock on a senior neighbors door and make sure they’re doing alright.  You could even give them your email and cell number in case they need help.  As a kid, my parents expected us to shovel and mow the yards of our elderly neighbors.  I thought this was the law until I left for the Army and compared notes with others.  When growing up, our neighbors were part of our everyday lives.

If the tornado sirens went off, my job was to run down the street to the Avon lady’s house and let her know because she’s deaf.  The old woman on the corner used to give me a cookie when I picked up her prescription at the drugstore.  That was a big deal because my Mom didn’t allow junk food.  Forgetting my Mom had eyes in the back of her head, I would stuff it in my mouth and chew furiously to remove any evidence before I got home.

There are so many little things we can do to help each other out.  If a neighbor just had a baby, it’s a lovely thing to stop by and tell the new parents to take a nap while you guard the baby for a while.  It’s also a good way for preteens to ease into babysitting alone.  The parents are still in the home if anything comes up.  I’ve never met a parent that didn’t want a nap.  As an adult, I do laundry and tidying up too.  I have two new mothers as neighbors in my building.  I don’t think one of them speaks much English, but she knew the universal sign for sleep.  It was so cute.  Also, I love rocking babies.

I know not everyone has time to do a lot for others, but I firmly believe every little bit helps.  Often, making a donation is just as effective.  Helping is something we all can do.  I think it’s important to connect with our neighbors.  Lots of things in life happen without our having any control.  When we look out for each other, life is better for all of us, no matter what the GOP tries to inflict.

I know there are lots of Gen-X’ers who have hidden talents.  Many of us are musicians, hackers, makers, entrepreneurs, and just generally excellent.  Okay, I’m biased.  I just want to encourage people who possess these skills to teach a child.  If they try to take the arts away, nobody will be able to stop us from bringing them right back immediately.  The people who are children now will still grow up to be rock stars, scientists, educators, and everything else they want to be.  Let’s do whatever we can to make sure they get their chance, too.  I’m off to read.