This is your solution? To ruin the bike?

I reset the few clocks that don’t do it automatically while wondering why all clocks haven’t gained this boost in efficiency.  The stove and microwave are guilty of failing to evolve.  I’m appalled that cameras inside refrigerators were deemed necessary before appliance clocks that automatically adjust themselves to my time zone.  Okay, I’m over it.  Back to marveling at human behavior.  I’ve noticed a lot of people value wealth regardless of how it’s acquired.  Disturbing.  I acknowledge this isn’t a new development.

Criminals have always been respected and admired by some people.  Hollywood certainly pays tribute.  Being governed by a criminal gang led by Puppet Master Putin is relevant to my daily life.  I see 45 secretly had hundreds of former lobbyists and other shady characters installed in government positions while neglecting to appoint the thousands of positions still vacant.  He got turned down multiple times by men who refused to take any part in the raping of America.  Yay for decency and good character.

45’s agenda is no secret, but his supporters seem to be the only ones unaware of his plan.  Bannon wants to destroy America.  The GOP supports the destruction of America because 45 promised to end legal abortions.  The few who needed more incentive were satisfied with the tax cuts for the wealthy.  That’s all that concerns the GOP leaders.  More money, and more control over women.  Their actions fact check my statements.  The anti-abortionists cling tightly to their stance because it’s the one thing in their lives they truly believe is a Christian act.  It makes the rest of their hypocrisy easier to disregard.

Rupert Murdoch’s complicity by allowing Fox News to air blatant lies as truth, but always in 45’s favor, makes him an accomplice.  It arouses my curiosity about his role in Brexit.  There are ties between Brexit and the ongoing rape of America.  The instability is likely attractive to Puppet Master Putin.  There just isn’t enough money and power to satiate the overwhelming greed of these men.  It’s fascinating.

The few things they all have in common is their hatred of brown skin and women, which is precisely what made 45 so attractive to half of America.  Misogyny and racism are as American as Spam, (the “meat,” not the digital sort).  I’m going to go ahead and call them symptoms because this is clearly a disorder suffered by 45 and his string pullers.  Megalomania doesn’t fully encompass it.  Add delusions, because they certainly don’t live in reality.  (They believe reality is whatever the fuck they say it is, or else.)

A propensity for violence against women and children is another trait.  The Bill Cosby disorder is highly prevalent among these entities.  They all feel entitled to beat and molest at will, and unfortunately, the consequences are most often non-existent.  Our species still hasn’t evolved to the point where rape is considered a crime.  There have been successful convictions, but the victim has to endure being raped all over again before justice is even considered.  We’re almost to the point of full consensus on murder being a crime, though.  Yay us.  Sigh.

I saw another article about the ongoing epidemic of opiate addiction.  I don’t know of anything being done to curtail this problem.  I think it’s agreed the issue came about from the over prescribing of opiate pain medication.  What I find interesting is the fact that this is a crisis mainly affecting Caucasians.  I know part of why is because of subtle racism in the medical field.  I’ve mentioned before some doctors don’t think POC feel pain as strongly as Caucasians.  It sounds unbelievable, but it’s true, and I’ve experienced it first hand with a dentist.  It’s astonishing ignorance.

Some doctors don’t prescribe narcotic pain medications to black people because deep down they think we’re all inherently addicts, and they don’t want to contribute to drug abuse.  More startling ignorance I’ve experienced first hand.  When crack was the epidemic in inner-cities, there was a war on drugs.  The violent crackdown on inner-city POC resulted in a lot of money made by unethical people who profit from prisons.  I’ve heard the rumors about crack planted in inner-city neighborhoods by the CIA in the ’80’s.  I haven’t decided if I believe yet.  It’s believable, though.

Living with brown skin my entire life makes things like that easily believable.  I’ve seen and experienced enough to know there are lots of people who would gladly participate in such actions.  One hour of reading threads beneath tweets by Hillary Clinton is probably a shortcut to the same conclusion.  First, a Russian hacker will tweet something hateful and misogynistic, followed by like-minded Americans gleefully joining in.  It’s such a filthy thing to witness it requires bathing afterward.

I realize few of them would behave in such a manner if they were held accountable for their words.  I’m still baffled by those who participate, knowing it’s only a matter of time before their identities become apparent to even the laziest hacker.  I keep telling people what they say on the internet can and will come back to haunt them.  It’s not my problem if they don’t listen.