Race him Jerry. Race him.

Maya Angelou is one of my favorite poets.  I mentally recite Still I Rise often of late.  It empowers me and motivates me in my fight with the resistance.  It inspired the poem below.

Disclaimer:  I write poetry.  I do not write poetry well.  Just like with hashtag games, I don’t let it deter my enthusiasm.


You may call me names like “libtard.”
While you embrace Republican lies.
You may hate me for my differences.
But diversity is on the rise.

Does my melanin upset you?
My disability enrage?
Are you bothered by my joyfulness?
Outside your for-profit cage?

While you celebrate corruption,
And revel in your hate,
Don’t call yourself a Christian.
The accurate term is reprobate.

You rail against the hungry.
You’re disgusted by the poor.
You idolize the wicked.
Then help them take even more.

You call yourself a patriot.
You wave the flag and cheer.
Never mind if it’s the Russian flag.
Why not kiss Putin’s rear?

Is it fun to be the villain?
Nothing binds a group like hate.
It often leads to violence.
But by then it’ll be too late.

Your ignorance is costly.
The bill will soon come due.
Will you still think it’s funny?
When he comes after you?

Did you think you were exempt?
From the depravity and greed?
Do you feel safe as houses?
While you watch the criminals feed?

What will you tell your children?
Do you think they won’t find out?
Clean water laws are now history.
All they’ll know is shortages and drought.

The swamp was filled with vipers.
Destroying America is their goal.
They didn’t even try to hide this.
But instead, you believed the troll.

Your role will be remembered.
History will not be kind.
Comparisons to Hitler,
Overshadowing any mastermind.

The Resistance will be triumphant.
Horrible crimes will be exposed.
We, the people, rise together.
Evil will not be forever imposed.