Is there a pinkish hue?

I apologize for any delayed responses or follow-backs.  Please know I value your comments and am grateful for the connection.  Also, know I’m a wee bit scatterbrained with a tendency to wander off.  In case you’re like me, and analyze-to-death why people behave in unexpected ways at times, in this case, it’s just The Shiny.  If you knew how many times I’ve walked away and come back while composing this paragraph, you’d be laughing too.  I call it The Shiny because it’s vague enough to encompass all that distracts me, (and I’m not cynical enough to call it The Everything.  Yet.)

Have you read Scott Morizot’s blog yet?  He’s an excellent writer.  I love it when someone finds the perfect words to describe what I feel but am unable to express.  It’s like an emotional laxative.  I’m cracking myself up.  Go read his blog.  His latest post addresses the masking of autistic traits vs. speaking a foreign language.  I think many will find it relatable.  And it’s so well written!  Go read it! 😂

One thought on “Is there a pinkish hue?

  • Thanks! I tend to actually post things pretty erratically and generally break most of the supposed “rules” about blogging, And I never can tell in advance which posts I do publish others will find interesting or helpful, but I’m glad some of them are.

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