So you want to go out in a final blaze of incompetence.


Another week of lies from 45 and his minions, followed by another vacation at taxpayer expense.  It’s “Do as I say, not as I do,” the In Your Face Edition.  As his support continues to dwindle to all time lows at this stage of the presidency, 45 continues to go after the media.  He’s trying so hard to follow Hitler’s script, but he’s even failing at failing.  Hitler was addicted to meth during his madness.  Cocaine seems to be what 45 prefers.  Sniff.

Whenever I see his self-inflicted ugly, I see hysterical fear; the unfortunate side effect of those who habitually step on others.  Most Americans learn on the playground to avoid stepping on others.  It almost always ends in violence.  For some reason, 45 has made it to what is clearly the winter of his lifespan without learning this.  He behaves so much like an unsupervised toddler, it’s embarrassing.

The overwhelming fears that drive 45 and many of his most devout followers come from an undeniable recognition of deserved retaliation.  These fools know they’ve stepped on so many to get where they are now, they can’t possibly escape the consequences.  They fully expect those bills to come due at any moment and behave accordingly.  They’re constantly looking over their shoulder for that long overdue payback.

Frankly, I’m impressed 45 has enough sense to be afraid all the time.  I didn’t think the ignoramus was capable of deciphering the consequences of his actions.  Or perhaps Bannon told him.  That’s more likely.  A lot of the GOP leaders show this fear.  I don’t think they know they’re naked.  Again, embarrassing.  They gather behind closed doors to scheme about ways of stepping on more and more people.  Republicans think money can protect them from reality.

I suppose I shouldn’t find that shocking.  Especially not when I consider how many Republicans believe sitting in church for an hour a week makes them a Christian.  Or dodging taxes makes them intelligent.  It’s as funny to me as the atheists who think being an atheist makes them brilliant.  My atheism hasn’t impacted my intellect.  (All it’s done so far is make me think about religion far more often.  It’s fucking annoying.)

Reality doesn’t cease existing because you cover your eyes.  Personally, I found Peek-a-boo convincing.  Some obviously didn’t.  I’m not looking forward to watching 45 face the consequences of his actions.  I hate seeing people suffer.  It doesn’t matter if I think they deserve it or not.  I just don’t like it at all.  I feel like I’m watching a vulnerable boy hold his hand over a fire.  He won’t stop, and the flame is already touching his skin.  I can almost feel his pain.  I don’t know how to harden myself or cover my eyes.  So I fight.

I know where 45 is headed, and I refuse to follow.  I’ve been fighting for my right to exist my entire life.  I’m far from alone, and many who haven’t had to fight are joining the battle out of righteousness.  I know from history these warriors who seem to have nothing at stake often turn out to be the most fierce among us.  I embrace all who fight against the wickedness unleashed by the GOP.  I’m fighting for the future of humanity.  I’m fighting with everything I have.