It’s a Ziggy!

I’m trying to refrain from stating, “That escalated quickly.”  The fact there’s a Russian spy ship in International waters off the east coast near Delaware tempted me.  That’s not the only posturing by Putin, either.  It would seem someone has fucked up, and Putin is pissed.  Who could it be?  Is it 45?  Possibly.  I’m not certain, as 45 isn’t the type of guy you rely on for results.  Putin doesn’t come off as terribly trusting to me.  I don’t think he put anything crucial in the tiny orange hands of 45.  Just the public face of the operation.  Let’s face it.  Blackmailing 45 isn’t difficult.  He’s a disaster.  I think it was the Flynn resignation.

Apparently, very few are inclined to blackmail a failed businessman with self-esteem issues.  He was broke.  He couldn’t get any more loans.  He was comedy fodder at best.  I predict he shall remain so, but the jokes will get meaner.  He was a delicious target for Putin.  It took so little effort for an ex-KGB to outwit 45, I almost feel sorry for him.  I thought I was naive, but holy shit.  Even I know if you’re in Russia, you’re being videotaped, and that footage is being stored for its potential usefulness in the future.  It’s a shame 45 isn’t a reader.  It might have saved him.

I’m inclined to think Putin has blackmail footage that keeps 45 up at night drinking with Bannon, (who looks like he hasn’t showered or sobered up in ages.)  He’s pulling some of 45’s strings, too.  A lot of extremists are heavily invested in 45.  Selling promises always ends in tears.  The KKK and radical pseudo-Christians share an agenda, which is telling as fuck.   Those groups paid for the Muslim ban, but are dissatisfied with the results thus far.  They might try to push the issue by doing something like releasing 45’s tax returns.

I’ll grant them one thing; they’re forcing 45 to work for the first time in his life.  He doesn’t like it.  It wears him out and forces him to take vacations where he violates security protocol in startling manners.  45 doesn’t read.  Of course, he didn’t read the fucking manual for being the president.  He was too busy gloating about how he won the election (by cheating and treason).  He didn’t realize being the alleged leader of the free world entailed long hours and hard work.  The bubble told him his job was still playing golf poorly and throwing parties with $200,000 invitations to increase his personal ill-gotten wealth.

If 45’s tax returns go public, he’ll likely die in prison.  He won’t release them of his own volition because he knows this.  He can’t prove he acquired that much money legally.  DeVos gave him 200 million dollars for his campaign (and her position).  That was legal.  Apparently, that’s a small amount compared to what Putin paid to buy the presidency for his tiny-fingered puppet.  Enough to break a treaty.  I guess between $5 billion and $15 billion.  The internet is Putin’s cash cow.

Everything about RussiaGate is in keeping with the Russian reputation of making big things happen with little resources.  It pisses me off how vulnerable we are to such simple tactics.  I don’t think anyone is questioning Putin’s intellect, but he doesn’t bother with stealth.  I suppose that’s also in keeping with Russian reputations.  Blatant corruption.  The black market driven economy allows their villains to go unmasked.  If you don’t like it, they kill you.  Everyone understands and lives accordingly.  Or not.  The best killer gets to be the god of Russia.  That’s Putin right now.  But rest assured, others would kill to have his job.

The Russian people are pragmatic.  They understand the rules of their land.  They possess a type of strength most overlook.  They endure.  They’re resigned to their situation because they know death is their only escape.  Russia means stoic to me.  I live in a part of America where many immigrated from Europe.  The kids I grew up with were often of Norwegian, Swedish, Russian, or German descent.  They found hope and joy in America, so it’s not the people, it’s the environment.  I hope one day Russia becomes a joyful place to live for the sake of her people.  Maybe after all the Putin’s kill each other off.

I should probably be afraid of things escalating further with Russia.  Instead, I’m a tiny bit excited.  Don’t get me wrong, I hate war.  I hate violence.  I just like isolating patterns in strategies.  I love patterns.  I was obsessed with Chess as a kid.  It led to my current board game addiction, but I don’t bother with Chess anymore.  It’s a gateway game.  Right now, Putin is gaming America through 45 and his evil minions.  He’s used to a country where the people are resigned to corruption.  America is hope.  We have expectations and scream loudly when our way of life is threatened.  We continue to scream until the corrupt who reach too far are put in check.  Otherwise, we’d lose our hope.  We’re too attached, and 45’s most loyal fans will kick him to the curb as soon as they realize he’s fucked them.  Americans love freely, but we’re also quick to get really fucking pissed off when people deliberately fuck with us.

I’m just watching and waiting.  As soon as 45’s fanatics see him for the piece of shit he truly is, they will turn around and attack with ferocity.  I’ll welcome them back to being patriotic Americans.  We all fuck up sometimes.  What’s important is constantly striving to be the best possible you.  Get up, brush yourself off, and join the fight.  Mistakes have the awesome side effect of making us wiser.  All we have to do is recognize them, then abandon them.  Or you can be like 45, and keep making the same mistakes over and over until you end up wearing orange on top of being orange.  Don’t be like 45.