So the judge decrees that he become my butler.

I’m still rereading Seven Eves by Neal Stephenson.  It remains fascinating.  It’s about our incredible human spirit.  That something inside all of us that makes our species survive.  I love that the story is brutally honest in portraying human dynamics.  It feels relevant to our current political scene.  I think it’s ironic how white supremacists don’t understand what will actually cause the decline of white skin.  I love diversity, so my view is clearer than those of people who love to hate.  Hate interferes with one’s ability to think clearly.  Unfortunate, that.

The variation in human skin color is related to melanin.  Melanin gives hair and skin its natural color or pigment.  It can protect human skin from cancer in warm climates.  Warm climates get lots of sunlight.  People with a lot of melanin, (brown skin), are far less likely to develop skin cancer.  People with white skin fare better in colder climates that get less sunlight.  Their skin lightened to allow them to absorb as much Vitamin D as possible to survive with less sunlight.  It’s an adaptation.

I’ve established the correlation between melanin levels and sunlight/climate.  Some white supremacists have voiced concern that white skin is dying out of the human race.  These same white supremacists think global warming is a hoax.  They don’t get that the more we pollute our planet, the warmer it gets.  The warmer it gets, the more melanin we’ll need in our skin to survive.  We’ll naturally begin to adapt over time.  White skinned humans will stop struggling to absorb Vitamin D in colder climates because there won’t be any cold climates left on earth.  The adaptation will be rendered unnecessary.

Denying global warming is speeding up the process.  Hating non-whites doesn’t help this problem in any way.  Hating the planet is not helping, either.  Personally, I hope white skin remains as a variety of human skin.  I like diversity.  I’d rather see more variations than less.  I’m rooting for technology to advance to the point where I can be any color I want, depending on my plans.

I don’t hate white supremacists.  I hope they figure out global warming is their enemy.  I’m pro-earth, but not as much as I could be.  I own a gasoline-fueled car, and I use electricity from the grid.  I fly several times a year as well.  But I’m in the process of planting trees to offset my carbon footprint and then some.  I know I can’t call myself an environmentalist by any stretch, but I’m improving.  I think it’s natural for anyone to want their variety of human to survive.  Part of what makes us so beautiful is how much we vary from one to another.

I hope we get a handle on how we treat our planet.  Especially since it’s the only planet we have, and it looks like we won’t be focusing on science for a while in America.  I’ll never cease being amazed by the consequences of greed.  Taking more than your share obsessively has to be a mental illness.  Money worshipping should be in the DSM.  It’s an addiction that leads to misbehavior exponentially.  The fact that so many obvious mental illnesses are not included in the manual contributes heavily to my belief that psychology is still more religion than science.

Wealth leads to power in America.  It allows you to bypass the law and grants access to ever more means of doing so.  The fact that we celebrate success has been twisted beyond recognition.  It went from honoring merit to cheering for those who acquired it by any means.  Trump is not a successful business man.  He’s pathetic and twisted in every way.  He was given his money.  He didn’t earn it.  He lost it and borrowed more.  Then lost it and filed bankruptcy.  Rinse and repeat.  Four times.  Then he couldn’t get loans anymore because bankers were tired of his defaulting.  He has bad credit.  So he went to Russia.

There is no merit in his new ill-gotten wealth whatsoever.  It’s blood money gained through treason.  He’s an epic failure.  Like a lot of prominent Republicans, Drumpfs inner greedy ugliness has seeped out and caused him to look just as ugly on the outside.  It’s hard to even look at photos of him with his scalp showing through his weave.  It’s gross because it’s self-inflicted ugly.  These people are deliberately evil.  It makes me sick.