Shut up you old bag!

I’m doing well.  It finally stopped snowing, but the driving is still precarious.  My boss asked me if I’m happy in my position today.  I’m overqualified for the job, but I didn’t understand why it’s an issue as it was deliberate on my part.  He said something about retention, but eventually, we got to the bottom of things.  He was concerned I might start my own company again.  I assured him it doesn’t interest me.

I’m on the other side of life now, since I don’t have kids.  I won’t compete with Millennials in the workforce or business sector because it’s their turn now.  My job is to help them achieve and get access to resources.  Because duh.  My fellow Gen X’ers who are still raising their kids need me and others like me to help with their grandparents, and sometimes parents who are struggling to remain independent.  The circle of human life.  When I’m no longer able to live independently, the Millenials will probably have gadgets to compensate and a bot to report any problems.  Home automation will include whatever necessary to allow me to stay independent the way Meals on Wheels does now.  (Alexa, I’ve fallen and can’t get up!)

It takes a village isn’t just about kids.  It’s about everyone in the community.  I know how to be a good neighbor.  Mr. Rogers taught a lot of us.  If everyone looked out for their neighbors, it would be a nicer country to live in.  Also, homelessness would be a rare problem.  Not having a family to fall back on probably leads to it often.  I lost family to the cult of Drumpf after the election.  It wasn’t surprising.  I figure if having two black little sisters didn’t aid them in overcoming racism, nothing will.

It was stressful having racist family members, and I won’t miss that stress.  My mom’s dad overcame racism when I was a preteen.  It was a major event in my life because he was my only grandparent.  I just understood I didn’t have grandparents because my parents adopted me, not their families.  That’s a quote.  There were other family members I heard about but never met.  Some were because they were racists.

My dad’s parents are an example.  Heather and I weren’t allowed to get out of the car because the dogs didn’t like black people.  Another quote.  I do remember this, although I was four or five at the time.  I didn’t look at my dad’s parents, so I don’t know what they looked like.  The ground just outside the car was muddy, so I wasn’t going to get out of the car anyway.  I believed dogs could be racist, though.  I took it as my mom stating facts, not my dad’s parents being racists.

I didn’t understand racism until I was five.  That was a rough year.  I began Kindergarten, which led to my finding out I was black.  That was devastating.  I don’t know how I lived for four years before noticing only Heather and I matched.  I had some wild theories about a lot of things before I found out the facts.  I thought birth control pills were what you took to get pregnant, for example.  They should call them birth prevention pills.

I found out later that year my dad wasn’t actually Santa Claus, then that there was no such thing.  More devastation.  I had an epic meltdown because I didn’t know parents could lie and my brain wouldn’t process it.  I have a hard time adjusting to new rules.  I like rules too much on top of it.  To me they’re directions.  I hate when I don’t know the rules.  The Army always had manuals for how to do everything.  If the manual was for a HumV, it was kept in the HumV.  I loved that.

I could do anything I was asked to do because if I didn’t have the skill yet, I had the manual that would teach it to me.  Memorizing the manuals paid off big when I competed in knowledge bowls for free trips all over Europe.  I was surprised how few bothered.  I had a blast.  Then again, most people in my unit in Germany couldn’t pass the international drivers test.  There were a lot of signs to memorize, and some people aren’t good at it.  I bought a BMW 525 Si in white with chocolate brown leather interior while I was over there, but the cost to get it converted to American emission specs was ridic.

I used to drive my friends to a Chi Chi’s, and they would get hammered.  Then on the way back to our post, a few would get in the trunk because they couldn’t find their ID cards needed to get back in the gate.  That used to make me nervous because MP’s on guard duty don’t play.  But the trunk was huge.  It held two soldiers uncomfortably.

I’m still working with the Democrats.  I basically do whatever they ask.  I understand now where I fucked up, and how badly.  I still love Bernie Sanders, but I support the Democratic party period.  I’m anti-GOP so hard.  I hate Nazis.  I do enjoy watching people punch them in the face, however.  I don’t normally like boxing, but this is a sport I can get behind.  I’ve seen a few gifs on Twitter that were most satisfying to watch.  I’m off to order a Drumpf piñata.

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