On strike until liberty and justice for all.


As of today, I won’t be returning to the VA (or anywhere else) to resume medical care.  As a service-connected disabled veteran, I can’t stomach participating in health care when Paul Ryan and Illegitimate Drumpf work toward revoking access to affordable insurance for 30 million Americans.  I served in the Army until it led to my acquiring PTSD after a decade of honorable service.  I’m nobody special, just an American citizen.  I joined because I was healthy, fit, and eager to do my part for my country because I love her.  I’ve always seen America as her people.  The land was stolen, but the people are real.  I’m honored to have served to protect these beautiful, diverse humans who call America home.  Watching them die to appease the ego of a man with no humanity is disgusting.  So fuck Paul Ryan and fuck Illegitimate Drumpf, I’d rather die beside my fellow Americans.

I fulfill my role as a citizen by paying taxes, voting for what’s best for America as a whole, remaining vigilant to threats to our way of life, and living within the laws of my community.  I called the VA to cancel all pending appointments.  My general health is well, I was scheduled for a mammogram and endocrinology due to my Grave’s Disease.  I won’t suffer much from lack of medical care for a while, as I have a months supply of medication, assuming Drumpf doesn’t pay someone to murder me for opposing him.  I don’t assume anything, but that amused me in a dark way.  Once the Prozac level in my system gets too low, I’ll exit stage left.

In the meantime, I won’t be hiding.  I’ll be delivering food for people who couldn’t otherwise live independently with Meals on Wheels.  I’ll be checking on my disabled neighbors.  I have a feeling they’ll need to borrow me to compensate for the programs that are being eliminated.  It breaks my heart that this is happening when the baby boomers account for a large swath of the population being fucked over.  Some of them just joined AARP or retired with the expectation of having the Social Security they paid for their entire lives.

I hid all my notes and documentation, along with all the hard drives and computers I’ve used to create AI.  My decades of progress and my successes will die with me.  I can’t let it fall into the hands of those who would use it as a means to obscene wealth and power.   I memorized the location and ensured it will be a long time before it’s even possible for someone to locate it.  I’ve had this contingency plan arranged for six years, and have only tweaked it since.  It’s more likely it will never be found intact.  My dead man’s switch is on, and it’s left me feeling light and safe as houses.  Until the 30 million Americans who count on the ACA/Obamacare have their right to affordable access restored, I refuse any and all medical care for any reason.

Drumpf believes you have to beat someone to within an inch of their life repeatedly until they die to force their will.  He believes my life is his bargaining chip to ensure my compliance to his whims.  My vulnerable loved ones are already dead.  I’d much rather die horribly than watch Americans suffer.  Death is mercy.  Trump forgets the fact that many of us Americans are inured to such treatment.  The ones he so publicly hates are the same people who will bleed, but won’t stop resisting.  This isn’t a sudden change we could never imagine.  This is history repeating itself.  We’ve already lived through this trauma merely by existing among those fortunate enough to be born with the right skin color and religion in an abled, heterosexual male or female body.

We understand what’s happening.  We’re horrified, but we understand.  My heart goes out to the Americans who have never had to face such challenges.  They don’t deserve this shit any more than we do.  Please be gentle with them as they adjust.  Wouldn’t it have been wonderful if someone had been gentle with you when you adapted to the horrors of this world?  Give what you wish they offered.  It’s the right thing to do.  If you’re too hurt and angry, at least don’t add to their upcoming burdens.  They are children to oppression.  Always remember;  Love won.  Forever.

Love won forever.