Elaine, Jerry… This is my religion.

We’re all niggers now.

orange abomination

Now you all get to experience what it’s like to be hated for existing.  I wanted you to get through your entire life without ever knowing how this feels.  I hate that so many are about to understand this for the first time.  When you realize it, turn to your neighbors who are LBGTQIA  or brown skinned, or disabled, or a new citizen who overcame so much to be here, etc..  We’ve always lived with being hated for existing.  We thrive despite it.  Most of us are loving and generous with what little we have.  Lean on us, we’ll help get you through.

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  • Even before european colonisation and subsequent patriot settlement in America, native Americans were a rich and diverse collective of cultures… The USA is founded on those very diversities, and were it not, then Freidrich Trump would never have had the freedom to leave his native Germany and settle there, a course of events which lead us to where we are today. As much as minority groups have suffered endlessly at the hands of ignorance, they make up the very fabric of society in the USA today and all that it stands for. The inauguration of Trump has raised many an eyebrow around the world, but America remains the same… a vast population of different people, with different cultures, backgrounds and needs… and a shared history of being prepared to fight their corner. These are indeed fragile teams, but collectively, no matter where you may have been born, who you are, what you stand for, or the struggles you face daily, you are Americans, and you can do this. x

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