We’re broken up for the rest of the day.

I met another veteran while delivering for Meals on Wheels today.  He retired from the Airforce Reserves and is also troubled by the threat to our healthcare.  He too thinks Drumpf is waddling shit.  Drumpf seems hellbent on killing more Americans than died in Vietnam (civilian or military!).  It’s astonishing to me that so many Republicans will support anyone who doesn’t have brown skin.  Racism and greed seem to be the only driving force behind the GOP.  It’s disgusting.

Every person on my route will die within a week of having their health care revoked.  They don’t have time for Drumpf to put together a “better” plan, (the plan is for us to die, folks).  Any interruption to healthcare will be a disaster of enormous proportions.  If this is where Drumpf thinks he can take America, he’s in for a YUGE surprise.  A lot of people who hate violence will get over it really quickly.  It’ll be ugly, and you can’t take back violence.

All over some orange fat fuck who lacks any decency, character, or morals.  Hate is often fatal.  I hope I’m wrong and Drumpf, and First Demon, Paul Ryan, don’t commit this crime.  But Drumpf clearly has no issue with criminal activity, and Paul Ryan clearly has no soul.  If you want to see bloodshed, and I know many Drumpf supporters are salivating for it, you’re probably going to get your vile wish.  Choke on it.