You’ll be out before we get the check.

First, some clarifications and corrections:

I didn’t list Hispanic Americans the other day because I’m Hispanic American, (so it only required a little mind reading on your part).  Since we don’t do that, I figured I’d explain.  I lived in El Paso for five years.  It’s Mexico where Americans have rights.  I loved living there, so I appropriated their culture.  It’s one of the great parts of being American.  You get to embrace whatever culture you want and call it your own.  Then when people try to call you out for it, you get to feel self-righteous.  Humans love calling each other out, and also love feeling self-righteous.  A good time for all.  I tend to adopt the cultures that embrace my current lifestyle choices.

I incorrectly stated that I won’t lift a finger to aid anyone who still supports Orange Julius Caeser.  In reality, if you’re human, alive, and suffering, I’ll do what I can to help you.  Even if you share a mindset with Dylan Roof.  It doesn’t matter why.

I’ve transitioned from agnostic to atheist.  It was a sad event.  I’ll still fight to the death to protect everyone else’s right to decide for themselves what they believe.  That was never in jeopardy.  It’s the first concept I understood about America.  I grew up slowly in a large village of humans who guided and helped shape me into what I’ve become.  Parts of them became parts of me.

Part of me is from Marlo Thomas, who taught me I’m free to be me, and I can be anything.  She had an immense impact on me for someone I’ve never met.  (It just occurred to me that every Christian probably just thought that was quaint compared to their relationship with Jesus).  That made me chuckle.  Christians have had a large impact on my life, as I’m indoctrinated to their religion.  It was geographically inevitable, as is usually the case.

I’ve reflected on some of the things I’ve gotten to witness during my life.  I got hypnotized when watching Michael Jackson dance and sing.  I watched Adele sing live at a radio station on a dare, and she sounded better than on her album.  I walked the grounds of the Dachau concentration camp memorial and lost my religion while lying in bunk beds built by humans under incomprehensible duress.  I skied in the Alps and walked through the real castle Disney copied for the magic kingdom.  The story behind it is sad and romantic.  I’ve had experiences I can’t share.  I’ve had role models that still factor into my decision making.  I’ve made mistakes that required me to stop my life and redirect my focus.  I became an adult, responsibilities and all.  It feels like being responsible for all who are more vulnerable than me.  But it’s really just agreeing to remain loyal to my community by living within its laws.

I’ve been clinging to Democrats.  I was a registered Independent when I voted for Hillary Clinton.  I was a Bernie Sanders supporter, but he didn’t get nominated.  People voting for Trump told me the DNC cheated to ensure Clinton’s nomination.  I couldn’t find any evidence to disprove them.  I had to put that on the whiteboard under Cons.  However, there was nothing under Pros for Predator-elect Drumpf.  No rocket scientists were injured in making this decision.

When I quieted myself and thought about what I knew to be a fact about Hillary Clinton, she shined.  Then it hit me.  I recognized in her what awed me in the Army.  I had some women in my chain of command that I studied intensely.  I noticed the way they carry themselves.  They way they use words.  The things that surprised me were the fact that these are not cuddly women.  They’re leaders.  They will not kiss your booboo to make you feel better.  They’ll run the hospital that provides your medical care.  They aren’t like my mom.  They don’t think I’m beautiful just for existing.  They feel responsible for my wellbeing and will coordinate the logistics that allow me to reach for the stars no matter what I look like.

Lots of Americans don’t know what to do with that.  It’s not like the women they’ve encountered.  Their only fictitious example was the female president on Battlestar Galactica, where she was addressed as Sir.  America wanted a MILF, but Hillary Clinton doesn’t play that.  She’s a real leader which means she will never coddle our egos.  She knows it’s unnecessary, and won’t reconsider.  I’ll be paying off my debt to her for struggling to differentiate between propaganda and facts when I could have been teaching Americans how to recognize a female leader, for the rest of my life.  It won’t cover my debt, but death doesn’t negotiate.

I removed photos of myself and living family members from this blog.  I mistook a predator for a friend while another predator was buying his way into the presidency.  It’s not the first time I’ve had to cope with such a being.  The creepiness factor is huge.  It always surprises, disgusts, and saddens me.  I’m asexual.  This means I will not be having sex with anyone at any time.  My condition is chemical in nature due to my use of Prozac.  I began using it within a week of noticing my libido for the first time.  That was enough time for me to recognize I’m nonbinary by attraction and I’m asexual in actions.  I mean the lack thereof.  It’s a nonissue because Prozac murdered my libido.  Sex is purely intellectual for me.  Many think this would be a sad circumstance, but I believe it’s neutral.

I take Prozac because I don’t want to die from depression.  That would really piss me off.  I could do 4 hours of cardio a day every day, for as long as my body holds up to get the same results as Prozac.  I choose not to due to my obsession with facts.  When you’re depressed, committing to 4 hours of cardio a day is delusional.  Actually trying to pull it off is adorable at best.  The cost of such unreason is high, and I’d like to remain mobile for as long as possible.  Right now, the Democrats are teaching me and tolerating me.  I still get a strong sense that they’re barely able to restrain themselves from strangling me every time I mention Bernie Sanders.  I’m only mentioning him when someone says something untrue about him.  Quietly.  Because I can’t afford to stop clinging to them.  I trust what I learn from Samantha Bee, even when it stings.

I’m not politically savvy.  It doesn’t interest me at all, but I understand nobody is concerned about whether or not I’m enjoying myself while doing my duties as a citizen.  So I read and listen to the Democrats, and I’m learning a lot.  My ego is curled up in the fetal position in the corner.  She’s on time out.  Possibly forever.  I found a young person I think might be my replacement in AI development.  I have more questions, but so far, I’m pleased.  The ethical concerns are my main focus in searching.  If you knew what I know, you’d thank me.  That made me smile.

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