He took it out.

I joined the resistance movement.  I’m still not sleeping much.  I’m averaging 2 hours a night, according to my Fitbit.  I’m about to begin a collaboration with another blogger, so that’s exciting.  I held a contest with a group of friends to write a funny version of The Twelve Days of Christmas.  Two of the winners have agreed to let me share their hilarious versions.  One of the winners is deciding. Next post, I’ll share the ones with consent.  I regifted them the Amazon gift cards I received for purchasing with my Echo device on Black Friday and Cyber Monday as prizes because they’re also Seinfeld appreciators.

My efficiency suggestion led to my getting an office at work, so now my mini trampoline is a go.  Yay.  I’m glad of this change as I work better alone.  I have to remind myself that I’m working a job, not a career.  My career days are history because my country is in crisis.  I now work a part-time job and keep my expenses minimal, so I can fight to protect our rights full time.  I had fun earning money to pay for things I wanted but didn’t need.  Priorities have changed, and are no longer me-centric.  I’m part of we, the people.  That’s where I invest from now on; in non-hateful American people.