George and I will miss your company.

The checks and balances system in America is as broken as the electoral system. Everyone games the system. The bipartisanship is a dead horse that nobody will drag out of the room. The Democrats are just as corrupt as the Republicans. Both parties are so disconnected from the people they purport to serve, it’s shameful. They abandoned us, the people, long ago. It’s all about power and money. Bernie Sanders and the few other honorable members of Congress are surrounded by bloodthirsty monsters in a foul swamp of greed.

These are not representatives of the American people. Some are an embarrassment to the human species, to be honest. We did this to ourselves. We weren’t diligent in protecting our freedoms and values. We were too busy living our lives, raising our children, building our careers, fighting for equality, and educating our minds, etc. Those of us who are living the American Dream are the ones who let America down. The Dream isn’t free. It requires effort to keep it alive. We failed in that effort, and now The Dream is being raped. I hate to use that word, but it fits perfectly.

We who have jobs, pay taxes and live in our communities are responsible for keeping our way of life possible. It doesn’t just happen by itself. We have to pay attention to who’s running for office, and how those who succeed perform once they’re elected. We need to hold them accountable for the money they accept from lobbyists in exchange for votes. If they fail to represent us, vote them the fuck out of office.

From now on, we need to take our citizenship seriously. We need to set aside the little bit of time it takes to stay informed and demand real representation. There are Americans who depend on us to do the right thing. Everyone under eighteen, for starters. We don’t even need to look beyond that group. The next time you catch yourself jumping on the anti-millennial bandwagon, remember how hard you fucked them by being a lazy citizen, first. Not so funny anymore, eh? They said negative things about us too, we just didn’t give a fuck, because that was our thing. Don’t be your parents. Look at them as the individuals they are, and you’ll see what I see. We’ll be fine if we get off our edgy asses and vote responsibly.

I’ve lost some friends because I refuse to hate Trump supporters. That was convenient, albeit painful. My love is entirely conditional. I’ll curb a hater in a heartbeat. Writing off a large number of people as dumb, (or more offensive words), is intellectually lazy. That should be enough said, but consider the topic.

Calling someone dumb is the same as announcing you’re too lazy to bother recognizing their strengths. It means you give up because you don’t want to think anymore while accusing others of being dumb. Don’t do that. Just say you don’t understand their point of view. Accept that some people are always going to see the world differently than you. You don’t get to abuse them for it. Fix your aim on the ones doing the lying. That’s your enemy. Not the ones who fall for their bullshit.

I’ve already seen a few “news stories” about Trump supporters who are now regretting their decision. It’s overt propaganda, but there’s some truth behind it, too. There are a lot of people anticipating Trump being a disaster. Mostly because he has a disastrous history of not paying taxes, but accepting tons of welfare. He’s quite literally a burden on society. He’s only ever taken from America. He’s never given. So yeah, fuck him. I gave more to America before I turned 18 than that piece of shit has in his entire life, and I’m far from alone on that.

2016 sucks ass. I hope Trump steps up to this challenge and does right by us. I have no faith in him, but I’m a glass-half-full type. It’s possible he’s tired of being a piece of shit and is planning on bending over, grabbing his ears, and pulling his head out of his ass, to serve his country honorably for the first time in his life. That would shut me up about it. We’ll see, (because we all know he’s going to be sworn in, treason be damned, sheeple). I’m still having nightmares about what Trump paid his ex 14 million dollars to pretend never happened. So it’s not much hope. Sigh.