Somebody stole the couch out of the lobby.

I’m tired.  I didn’t sleep last night.  It got away from me while I knit.  That’s right, I figured it out.  Finally.  Just the very basics, so far, but I have a book that has patterns to make cute little animals in the future.  I didn’t realize knitting was so complicated until I searched for needles on Amazon.  I’ve created what I’m going to call a scarf.


um... a scarfIt’s a journey, not a destination.  I think better when I’m doing something with my hands or running.

I joined the ACLU.  The process consisted of making a donation of at least $35.  It seems a pragmatic organization.  I like that.  My new job is part-time and unchallenging.  It’s perfect.  It leaves me with plenty of time and energy to volunteer.  I wanted to do it at the Humane Society, but in Sioux Falls, you have to be on probation to volunteer there.  I guess there had to be one good thing about being on probation.  My next choice was kids.  I’ll be helping with homework.  At least that’s what I signed up for.  I’ll be teaching kids how to code every chance I get, however.  It’s part of my calling in life.

I’ll also continue teaching people who are older than me how to use computers and the internet.  That’s not really volunteering.  It’s showing up at one of the senior centers with 2 laptops.  I just sit at a table and wait for someone to show interest.  These are the people who were homeowners when I was a student.  They paid the taxes that financed the schools that taught me how to use computers.  Well, not really.  I learned through trial and error at home.  But if I hadn’t done that, I would have learned at school.  For my generation, computers are a tool no more mystical than a wrench.  I feel they’re entitled to this knowledge, and I’m happy to teach.

So far, every single time I’ve taught an older person computer skills, they’ve told me they’ve been interested in learning for a while, but their young relations were impatient and condescending.  Every time.  If your parent or grandparent, etc. asks you to show them how to do something with a computer, be kind and patient.  You only have the knowledge because of their sacrifices.  Pay it back with love.  Let them take notes.  Better yet, bring 3.5″ note cards, and record each step in order, neatly, so they can refer to their notes rather than disturb you with questions you’ve already answered.  Teach them how to search the web safely, and they’ll leave you alone.  Also, don’t get angry when they send you all the emails you considered spam 5 years ago.  Don’t be a dick.  Thank you.

I was supposed to move into my new place in Denver this month.  I’m not moving.  I’m leasing my unit to a friend, instead.  I plan to continue visiting often, but for now, I’m staying put.  My focus has changed, and now that things are in motion, I can see it was inevitable.  It makes me laugh inside because I remember my mom warning me to stop making that face or it would get stuck that way.  Only, in this case, it would be more like, stop thinking those thoughts or your brain will stretch and stay that way.  I’ve grown, and now I can’t fit into my old life.

My life was my own for a time.  I’m grateful.  I had a real time.  Now I’m ready to make the sacrifices for tomorrow.  I still feel young, but I accept that I must step aside, and make room for the younger.  I love them.  I love watching them evolve and grow.  They’re a better version of humanity, and I’m so proud of them.  I wish we left them a healthier planet, but I’m confident they’ll thrive despite our failures.  They’re the least hateful generation, and that alone is a magnificent achievement.  Thanks to millennials’ parents.  The participation trophies are lame, but your children are excellent human potential and hope.  Keep stretching their minds, and if you have daughters, you really should check out, Better Things, on FX.  If your girls are mature enough, watch it with them.  It’s a gem.  If you don’t have daughters, check it out.  It’s too good to miss.  I’m off to clean.