I don’t even really work here!

I had an awesome day, and it’s not only because my Star Wars: The Force Awakens pillowcases arrived from pottery barn kids.  My new mattress arrived too and was fun to unbox.  The second I cut the plastic it was wrapped in, it began expanding.  It’s a hybrid with spring coils and memory foam combined into what I hope will be the ultimate sleeping experience.  I’ll settle for good enough, however.  I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed springs until I started bouncing on it a bit ago.  It’s currently -11°F windchill with a 9°F actual temperature.  I like to look at the night sky and identify constellations, but tonight I didn’t bother.

My cat has me trained so well.  Amelia Bedelia stands in front of her bowl and looks at me when she wants a treat.  I would say it’s cute, but part of me suspects that’s what she thinks when I give her the snack.  I rescheduled with the same guy to come back and help me with the Jenga tower of spider web laced boxes in my parking space.  I told him why I want him to do it, in case he also has arachnophobia, but he doesn’t.  I’ve killed a spider this year already.  That’s enough progress for now.

I saw the Lego Ewok Village on Amazon today for $249, (it’s huge).  The Lego Ewoks are adorable.  I love putting the kits together, but I won’t be getting it.  I think what I love is following the pictographic instructions.  It reminds me of when I was first learning to write code.  I copied lots of code from magazine subscriptions to my Apple IIe.  Completing a Lego kit feels as good as building a PC.  Something about building in a manner simple enough to allow my mind to wander at the same time appeals to me.  It’s right up there with repetitive motion.  I realized I stim in my sleep.  That amuses me on many levels and makes me feel proud of myself for using self-care, even when I’m completely vulnerable in a dream.  I’m off to read.