She died. Toxic glue from the wedding invitations.

I’m having a shaky day.  I need to do something creative with my hands while I think.  I’m going to give knitting a shot again.  I had a dream where I was knitting, and it stuck with me.  I have the same number of fingers as my aunt, and she can knit.  I know I can do it, I just haven’t figure out how yet.  I don’t feel pressured to learn, which is refreshing.  It’s a good thing I bought lots of cheap yarn in bulk when I first began this mission.  My cat likes to help.  I’m going to use my usual strategy of unrelenting effort.  Hopefully, I’ll have pics of something hat-like to show next time.

The windchill factor is 0°F.  Too cold for me to run outside.  I even turned the heat on to maintain 65°F inside.  Usually, I don’t use the heat since I’m on the top floor.  Plus I’m hot most of the time.  The wind blew right through me when I was outside earlier, and I haven’t felt warm since.  I love winter, but I hope it snows soon.  I love the sound of snow crunching underfoot.  Winter is the best sounding season of them all.  I’m off to knit.

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