She’s going to ask how you got her number.

I made it through today’s challenges.  The hashtag game that started my day at 6 AM was lots of fun.  The tag was lovely (about hugs), and lots were funny and touching.  After that, the guy I hired to haul off my junk arrived with his two young sons.  He wasn’t able to maneuver his truck into my underground parking space, so one boy stood guard in case a neighbor needed him to move it while we headed upstairs.  It took less than an hour, and they didn’t damage any walls in the process.  It was mostly Ikea furniture I’ve outgrown, and my sofa.  The sofa barely fit out the door and took a lot of effort to get into the elevator.  When we stood it on its end, it brushed the ceiling in the elevator.

I could tell I was their first customer as they were still working out the logistics.  Typically, when I encounter someone starting a new business, I offer to build them an app or website.  I forgot this time, but I’ll be hiring him again shortly.  I have a Jenga-like tower of boxes from TV’s, speakers, monitors, etc. in part of my parking space.  I saved them for when I move, but in the meantime, they’ve washed the floors, and that ruined several.  They’re now an unbelievably dusty nuisance I’d rather not touch.  I’d rather pay to have them come back and have a filthy box smashing party on my behalf.  I saw lots of spider webs seemingly holding my Jenga tower together.  Ew.  No.

Unfortunately, I stressed so much about meeting a stranger, and letting him into my home; I didn’t sleep last night.  I lay still in bed while listening to 21 Pilots on repeat.  I felt fine throughout the hashtag game, but halfway through helping load the truck, I hit a wall of nausea.  I soldiered through until we finished, then drank some water.  It helped a bit, but the 2-hour nap helped more.  I’m confident I’ll sleep tonight.  I feel good knowing I managed, and it’s over.

I did most of my chores but still have windows, and dishes left.  I’ll do those tomorrow.  Tonight, I’m going to binge watch Pamela Adlon’s new show, Better Things on FX app.  I’ve seen the pilot, so I already know I’ll love the show.  FX’s app either shows lots of commercials, or it seems like more than what I’d see if I watched it in real time.  It’s annoying, but it’s Pamela Adlon, so I’ll deal.  I loved her in Lucky Louis, Louis, King of the Hill, (and much more voice-overs in anime and video games).  I love that she’s little on the outside, big on the inside.  I love that she’s effortlessly sexy and funny at the same time.  There are so few who can pull that off.  Mariska Hargitay is another that comes to mind.  I love the androgyny a few beautiful people have brought into the spotlight.  They’re making perceptions of beauty broader, which is awesome.

I had a weird moment where my body was reacting to emotions I didn’t consciously feel.  I have these episodes often, and rarely give them my attention.  Usually, I cry in my sleep from a disturbing dream, then awaken with post-crying hiccups and no feelings to explain them, which is standard with PTSD.  Today, I had a similar moment while awake.  It was just creepy enough to guarantee I won’t stay up all night again soon.

While I lay there listening to music, I wrestled with the Orson Scott Card issue again.  I forgive him for being imperfect in such a hateful and harmful manner because I reject hate.  However, the boycott continues.  I can’t stomach reading anything he writes ever again because I imagined myself as a gay teenager growing up in South Dakota, reading Ender’s Game, then finding out Orson Scott Card is an outspoken hater with no regard for how much pain and loss it causes.

I don’t like to rant about religion because it’s disrespectful to those who believe differently than I.  I firmly believe hate is wrong.  I question the judgment of anyone who justifies hatred, especially if religion is the justification.  I’ve mentioned before I’m offended by religion in general, and this explains why.  I realize not all who hold tight to faith embrace hatred.  Yay.  Those who do confuse me at best.  I’m at war with hate, and I’m a soldier.  Brandon Sanderson is a far superior writer, and he doesn’t spread hate.  So there’s that.  I’m off to continue reading his latest; Arcanum Unbounded:  The Cosmere Collection.