Probably so the woman has one last chance to change her mind.

I haven’t been as attentive to this blog as I’d like of late.  I feel like I’m trying to catch up in life.  I write down my thoughts as I think them, (sorry grammar appreciators).  I’m changing on a daily basis and feel a sense of control by writing my perceptions during the process.  When I don’t write, my ability to express myself quickly degrades.  It’s a bit scary how quickly.

I recognize it has a lot to do with my computer obsession.  I’ve been in computer ecstasy this week.  After extensive research, I purchased a Surface Pro 4 on Black Friday (online).  I wanted a lightweight 2-in-1 with decent power and a good screen.  I’m so pleased with this computer.  The keyboard is a dream to type on.  I usually use mechanical keyboards (another obsession), but am impressed by what Microsoft has created.

I got the black keyboard in the bundle, but have since ordered the navy blue version.  The backlighting is perfect.  The springy response and short depression distance of the full sized keys are delightful.  The pen attaches to the tablet magnetically, which is fine at home.  When I travel, I’ll store it elsewhere.  I’ve dropped it four times so far, but on the carpet.  This was before I attached the keyboard.  There was no damage, and I haven’t dropped it since it’s been attached.

The texture of the keyboard is like suede.  It feels nice, looks good, and doesn’t attract fingerprints.  The keys are plastic with a clear font, arrow keys, and adjustable backlight level via Fn key.  The device powers on instantly with the push of a button, just like an iPad.  However, it runs Windows 10 Pro.  The pen costs less than half what Apple charges for their pencil.  Losing it won’t end in tears.  The trackpad is as good as the one on my Apple MBPr.  That alone is awesome.

Best of all, drawing with the pen is as good as a Wacom.  I did drool a bit when I saw the new Wacom pen computers that will be released next month.  They’re powerful, and Wacom is to digital art what Roland is to electronic drums.  After playing with this Surface Pro 4, I have to admit Microsoft has achieved excellence.  It makes me so happy.

I remember when I purchased my first Xbox.  It was so well constructed it was astonishing.  It was as if they channeled Sony.  They put the product first, profit second.  It paid off in a big way.  Then they released the 360.  It was cheap crap, and most of us went through a few of them before Xbox One debuted.  It baffled me.  Why go from one extreme to the other?  My original Xbox outlasted four 360’s.  I gave it to neighbor kids to get them gaming.

My only complaint about the Surface Pro 4, is that it’s too hard to upgrade.  The possibility of breaking it is too high for me to risk, so I maxed the specs.  Then I got an Acer Spin 5 13″ 2-in-1 and immediately took it apart.  I know it probably sounds excessive to buy 2 laptops at once, but the way I work makes this logical.  I prefer using multiple computers simultaneously.  I’m impatient.  Also, computers are surprisingly cheap these days.

The Acer is a fun machine.  It was also marked down significantly for Black Friday.  I found it has an m.2 and a 2.5″ SSD, both at 128GB in raid 0.  The single ram slot accepts up to 16GB and isn’t soldered to the motherboard.  Huzzah!  Bumped both to 500GB Samsung Evo’s.  This weekend, I’ll be installing a Linux distro partition, if I find the time.  I’m co-hosting a hashtag game tomorrow morning, followed by meeting with the guy I hired to recycle or sell my excess stuff.  That’s a lot of interaction.  It’ll be fun.