No, it offends me as a comedian!

I just ordered the Playstation VR  headset.  I’ve decided not to wait until after Christmas.  I have my Samsung VR that works with my Galaxy Edge 7.  It’s astonishingly awesome, considering it was free, so I know I’ll love a more powerful option.  I’m psyching myself up to do some serious rearranging in my apartment.  I do this to optimize my activity areas.  I like to have a spot for each activity, and prefer for that spot to be neat, and aesthetically pleasing, as well as functional.  Presently, the activities I’m optimizing for include gaming, creating music/sounds, working jigsaw puzzles, and artwork.

On top of that, I like having plenty of space to play with my cat.  We have a cut-throat serious game of tag going on, and I’d like to play without sacrificing anymore toe bones.  That means I’ll need to stop storing my guitars and amps along the wall in the hallway.  It was never really a good idea.  It does encourage me to practice, but my secret inner desire to be a rock star will probably suffice.  My problem is too much stuff.  Still.  I need to begin round two, and get rid of anything I like, but don’t use enough to justify owning.  It’s hard.  It means I need to stop with the collecting.  I love my designer vinyl collection.  It makes me smile often.  They’re art to me.  However, I have too many.  I need to choose 3 favorites, and give the rest away.  I’m thinking about hiring a photography enthusiast to photograph the items I give away, so that on some level, I’ll still have them.

Photography doesn’t interest me enough to RTFM, and learn how to do it well.  It’s just like drones.  I wanted to acquire the hobby of drone flying, but not so much that I’m willing to put in the time and study necessary to get the damn thing to even lift off.   I won’t have any trouble giving my mini drone away.  Or my DSLR camera, and the 1 lens I purchased.  I won’t even need photos of those.  That made me laugh.  It’ll be pretty easy to give away a bunch of console games, too.  I suppose I should give away one of my PS3’s, as well.  I do like owning a PS2, PS3, and PS4, though.  There are certain games on each that I enjoy.  I’m about 50% certain I’ll never turn my Wii on again.  I guess that should go, too.  No.  I’m keeping it until Nintendo’s new console is released.

Nintendo Switch

I’m all over that innovative victory.  Well done, Nintendo.  The risk will pay off when we all forgive you for the Wii U.  I’m going to get a developer version, and port a game I’ve been working on that will shine on this format.  It’s a dream for those of us who make games that are foremost disability friendly.  I’ll be skinning it on day one, though, because it’s fugly.  But that’s not even close to a deal breaker on a gaming console.  They’re all fugly.  Well, the Playstation 4 Pro is handsome.  And the Star Wars Xbox 360 droid version was spiffy.  But prior to that, much fugliness.  It looks like the designer(s) heard me bitch about having to constantly clean fingerprints off my touchscreens, and agreed.  It also leaves room for a more colorful Special Edition or 10.  But I’ll just skin it, because I have yet to encounter a special edition console that turned out to be anything more than paint and a larger hard drive.

I’m watching Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, as I type this.  I love Queen Amidala.  She possesses the ideal character, in my opinion.  Brave, smart, capable, and empathetic to her people, she makes an excellent leader.  It makes Jar Jar Binks less annoying, when I focus on what she exemplifies.  Honestly, the kid playing Anakin Skywalker was the least bearable aspect of this installment.  His inability to act convincingly is forgivable in such a young actor.  I’m just spoiled by memories of Dakota Fanning and Elijah Blue killing it as child actors.  I read a few novels about the sith that were extremely disturbing, and make this horn-headed monster with a double lightsaber far more sinister than f/x can accomplish.  I know we all possess the capacity for good and evil, I just don’t like reading about those who choose to be so one-sided, they’re unrecognizable as human.