It’s almost as if you have no business training at all.

My face is swollen again.  I managed to bite the inside of my cheek on that side, so that probably isn’t helping.  I haven’t had any pain since the novocaine wore off, yesterday.  At least no pain so long as I don’t open my mouth widely.  I still have plenty of hydrocodone, but doubt I’ll need it.  I did remember to ask my doctor to make a note in my records, stating I don’t want to be prescribed Tramadol again.  Tramadol has no effect on my pain, however, it does cause projectile vomiting, followed by dry heaves, and random stomach lurching.  I suppose if I ever decide to enter a contest to see who can hurl the farthest, it would come in handy.  But the prize would have to be incredible.

I have appointments through November 17th.  I came pretty close to melting while adding all the future appointments to my schedule.  But I caught myself.  Now I’m constructing a do-over for my day.  I’m setting a new start time, and until then, I can just sit here and rock.  In 8 minutes, I’m going to take another shower, put on different clothes, and start again.  Then I’ll try to stop thinking about the fact that medical facilities are unbelievably hostile environments for Autistic people.  Especially when we’re not accompanied by a Neurotypical adult, (who isn’t too offended by watching a Dr. assume I’m incapable of representing myself).