Did you ever notice he got too close to you when he talked?

I’m having a sad day.  Another black man was murdered by police today.  I’ve heard various details so far, all of which have increased the tragedy, and decreased the competence of the police involved.  The event was set in motion by the victim’s sister, who called the police to help her brother.  This action of calling the police to help a black American in distress is steadily becoming a lethal choice.  I’m grateful that I reside in an area of America that allows me to appreciate the protection of my local police force, despite having brown skin.  I don’t understand why this basic assurance of safety, and fairness in accordance with the law, isn’t afforded to all American citizens and their dependents.

I recently learned that paying federal income tax is optional, and if you do, you’re a sucker.  Lie, cheat, steal, rape, and kill.  Rinse, and repeat.  Then run for president.  Americans will elect you, because lying, cheating, stealing, raping, and killing are acceptable behaviors so long as you have the right name, skin color, and blind support from those unwilling to hold you accountable for your past actions, and utter lack of character, because they strongly suspect it’s better than their own.  Fucking pathetic.

I’m an insignificant accident, stumbling through time.  I’m witness to the beautiful horror that is life.  Today, I exist.  Tomorrow, the memory of dissipation.  Entropy is a guarantee, eventually.  I concede, it doesn’t matter.