Your screening process is getting ever more rigorous.

I watched as much of the debate as I could, tonight.  My blood pressure sent me fleeing after about an hour, and I played trivia instead.  Clinton said some extremely reassuring things, and it was nice to finally hear words come out of her mouth that I could attribute to her, without worrying whether or not it’s been skewed by the opposition.  The funny thing, is that I’m so tired of being buried in lies, that I’m using a different voting strategy this time.  I’m confidently voting for Clinton, because her opposition has gone to such astonishing lengths to discredit her, and tear her down, that they seem almost like religious fanatics, telling me I’m going to hell for disobeying their wishes.  Oh yeah, I forgot.  They did tell me I’m going to hell.

It’s hard for me to wade through all the misinformation, and scrutinize each claim.  They all say things that are untrue at times, be it because of a forgotten detail, or deliberately.  It’s okay for a human being to forget a few things, here and there.  Own up to being infallible, make the correction, and move on.  Sheesh.  This idea of sticking with your first statement regardless of how clearly wrong it is has always baffled me.  When I was competing in military knowledge boards, I was advised to stick to my first answer, even if I knew it was wrong.  This advice alarmed me as a Sgt. in the Army.  To see POTUS candidates doing it on TV made my blood pressure skyrocket.  What happened to American values?

When did we stop believing in honor and good character?  Why is your wallet worth more than your good name now?  When did excellence stop being the goal?  When did cheating become an acceptable means of excelling?  Why are criminals revered?  Why is corruption expected?  Why doesn’t anyone care about their own character?  I’m starting to feel like I don’t recognize my own people anymore.  Like I’m an alien, again.  Sometimes, I just want to relinquish my sentience to a more deserving life form.