I was rejected by a bald woman.

Today was too short.  I feel like I need about 4 more hours per day.  I’m still away from home.  I don’t think for much longer, but I’m not certain.  Part of me doesn’t want to travel again anytime soon.  Another part of me recognizes that it’s not always in my control.  It’s disorienting, and it breaks my schedule.  But sooner or later, I’ll get used to it.  At least all this traveling about has reassured me that my current job isn’t enough work for me.  I’m going to be starting a second job working remotely.  I’m very excited about it, because it’ll be challenging, and obsessing will be encouraged.  I won’t be able to share much, though.  NDA’s and all that.

I had a long talk with my sister earlier.  It was past due.  I’m still processing the discussion.  I’ll probably need to sleep on it.  She realizes it’s hard for me to be away from home this often.  When she acknowledges it, for some reason it increases my determination to hang in there.  I just know I need to go home sooner than later.  My life is a balancing act to avoid depression and excessive anxiety, (it’s all excessive to me).  It’s hard enough when I’m in familiar surroundings and adhering to my schedule.  I don’t like disregarding the rules for being okay.  It usually ends in tears.