It rhymes with a female body part.

Today was alright.  My privacy was violated by a relative, and it upset me in slow motion.  I went from being relieved to find my phone, to being annoyed that my past text messages were read without my permission.  There’s something about this incident that I haven’t been able to put into words yet, that has resulted in my feeling something I don’t know how to identify.  Frustrating.  However, I got Season 9 of The Big Bang Theory on Blu-ray, Digital HD, and DVD today.  I’ll probably stream it tonight, rather than sleeping or reading.  I know doing things like watching TV or movies can help me regain my sense of control over my attention span.

Hopefully, that will allow me to segue into a movie marathon this weekend.  I’m glad I always get the digital HD version of movies I buy, because the option to stream them on my iPad is perfect when I’m away from home.  I’ve been testing bluetooth earbuds, and am finding them ideal for streaming movies on a tablet.  I bought 3 pairs from Chinese companies that are fulfilled by Amazon.  The results are amusing to me.  The pair I’ve chosen as my favorite were $22, have a clip that curves around my ear to secure them in place, and a blue cord connecting the buds.  The right bud has 3 buttons to control volume, pair, and turn on/off.  The battery life is >9 hours, and charge time is <2 hours.  I got the bluetooth 4.1+aptx.  It has other features for talking on the phone, but that’s not why I like it.

The other 2 work just as well, with similar specs.  It just cracks me up that Apple and Samsung want $159 and $199 for their versions, respectively.  While they do offer other features, you have to choose in accordance with your preferred phone brand.  I use Android and IOS, so that alone is a problem.  While the cord connecting the buds is absent, so is any chance of my managing not to lose one or both buds. I won’t be going with the AirPods.  They look to me like they’re designed to fall out of your ears.

So I’m delighted that I discovered an excellent solution for watching movies on my iPad.  I love the unobtrusiveness of in-ear headphones.  But for music, I’ll be sticking to my cans.  I saw a review of Focal Utopia 2’s today, and that had me drooling.  They look comfortable, and far less clunky than their competitor for high end headphones.  They cost $3999, so I won’t be buying them, but I sure am glad to know they exist.  

I’m obsessed with sound.  This has always been the case, however, I’ve decided to take it to another level.  I’m going to do some research, and then find a good portable recorder that’s compact and simple, but records at 24/192 in multiple formats.  And then I’m going to start collecting sounds.  I’m excited to begin.  So much of my life is lived with headphones on or earplugs in so that I can participate.  It feels like a barrier between me and the world, rather than a buffer.  So I’m going embrace the sounds in my life on my own terms.  I think it’ll be fun.