Change? Yes, I think that’s a super idea.

Today was good.  I’ve felt better physically than I have in a long time.  I can still feel slight tinges of head pain, but I think they’re just aftershocks, so they don’t count.  I’m really bad at coping with head pain.  I’m pretty sure I have an ear infection.  I’ll go to walk-in on Monday.  I’m rereading Ready Player One in preparation for the movie, (directed by Spielberg!).  I love it so much.  Another book where I can relate to the characters.  Neal Stephenson, James S A Corey, and John Scalzi have really spoiled me as far as my newfound expectation that there be women of color in their imagined worlds.  Peter F. Hamilton and Orson Scott Card also include WOC in their books, but I don’t read Card anymore, due to his outspoken hate-hiding-behind-religion issues.

Ernest Cline was a welcome addition to those mentioned above.  He’s published one other book aside from Ready Player One that I’ve read so far.  I enjoyed it as well, but can’t recall the title.  It really hits home with anyone who grew up in a single parent household, or lost a parent during childhood.  In an ultimate fantasy way, not a tragic way.  That’s the only spoiler you’ll get out of me.  Anyone who grew up in, or is obsessed by the 1980’s will love this story.  Especially those who are on the obsessive side, like me.  People who enjoy playing trivia, video games, and watching tons of movies will wonder how they’ve lived this long without reading this story.  It’s. That. Good.

I have high hopes for the movie because Steven Spielberg.  I can’t wait to see his interpretation.  He lived through the 80’s, and despite it not being during his teenage years, he seems like the type of person who obsesses over their interests.  He’ll imagine reliving them as a teenager, easily.  I haven’t read anything about it because I trust Spielberg’s skills.  The story is exciting and fun, but not overwhelming, or so excessively suspenseful that you don’t care if Sandra Bullock and George Clooney’s characters both die, you just want to stop remembering you paid to feel this way.  I can’t wait!

I think I’m going to upgrade to an iPhone 7+.  Well, at least since the Samsung Note 7 is an expensive lighter.  That’s too bad.  They’ve been advising people not to turn their Note 7 phones on, due to the fact that they tend to burst into flames.  Holy shit.  So yeah… iPhone 7+ with 256 GB of memory, because I can carry most of my favorite shows and movies on it, and plug into a tv for a bigger screen.  Technology is so awesome.  It’s too big for me to hold with one hand, but I think I use both hands with my smaller iPhone 6.  I LOVE my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.  It’s my portable brain.  It’s the 5.5″ bigger phone, but I do fine with it, so far.  I like the first version of the Gear VR headset, and the free apps that came with it.  I won’t be upgrading to the new version, even though I think it looks cooler.  I’m holding out for the Playstation VR.  Back to my book.