You took my Jesus fish!

I’m in NYC again.  My sister has cancer.  It was detected early, and it’s expected that she’ll recover.  I talked to my therapist yesterday, and that helped me with perspective.  I’m alternating between sleeping too much, and insomnia.  It’s disorienting.  Flying so often isn’t helping.  I’m functioning on a 3-second delay, and my ability to speak aloud is flaky at present.  I felt it start to flee twice while talking to my therapist.  I think she reacted instinctively by jumping in whenever words started dropping off.  It was helpful.

I brought my cat with me this time.  I’m pretty sure I’ll never get her in her carrier again.  She spent a while hiding under my bed.  Then she found a mirror, and resumed talking to her reflection.  “Oh, you got dragged here too?  What happened to the treats?”  She gets pretty loud when she does this, but it’s hilarious.  I need to remember to record it on my phone.  I left a new, sealed jigsaw puzzle in my new place.  Each time, I’ll leave something enticing, but not my cat.  She’s so put out that she woke up at 3:28 AM, just to yell at me, then curled back into a ball behind my knees and went to sleep.  She’s so weird.  I love her.