If you think I’m gonna let a couple of dead birds get in my way, you’re crazy!

I’m home again.  I changed up a few things on my desk.  Having 2 monitor arms wasn’t working out, so I got a dual arm and installed them on that instead.  It worked perfectly.  Now they’re both centrally oriented in front of my keyboards, where they belong.  It was a pain to install, as they’re both 27″ monitors, and although not heavy, it was awkward.  I still need to adjust the cable management, though.  I probably should have installed the monitors to the arm, then the arm to the desk.  Hindsight, you’re so annoying.  It took ninja level patience to get them aligned so perfectly.  I literally patted myself on the back for that.  The keycaps I ordered came, but as you can see in the picture, some of the keys got mixed up.  Fortunately, they let me re-order it in the proper layout for $10.  WASD Keyboards is a good source for mechanical keyboards.

computer desk

I got some new books for me and my work team.  Although they were written for kids, it doesn’t detract from their effectiveness in the least.  In fact, the illustrations are so good that it’s a delight to read them.  I love when that happens.  I’m in a leadership position again.  I feel confident in my abilities to lead, because I had excellent leaders in the Army, (and I would have gotten Honor Grad. in PLDC if I could shoot an azimuth more quickly).  Also, I understand that I’m training leaders by my example, not followers.  Learn it.  Do it.  Teach it.