TCB. Taking care of business.

Today has been peaceful so far.  Probably because I’ve been wearing ear plugs for most of it.  I finished up getting tests done, got diagnosed with viral meningitis, and was given a different med that I have to take for a longer time.  I feel much better today.  I figure I’m past the part where I feel like shit 24/7.  I’m disappointed that it wasn’t what I secretly suspected.  The sudden headache that landed me in the ER occurred precisely halfway through an eyeroll, amplified by some head movement.  I was expressing intense disapproval over some bullshit a co-worker was trying to pass off as a joke.

In that moment of overwhelming pain, I felt certain I’d brought it on myself, through the very act my Mom claimed would cause my eyes to roll back and get stuck.  I have to admit, I’m a little bummed that I won’t be forever known as The Woman Who Definitively Proved That Moms Are Indeed Always Right.  Or, The Girl With Invisible Pupils.  Or something really funny that references pop culture while simultaneously capturing my shame.  If you think of a funny one, let me know.  So anyway, I’m feeling better, and I’m working on eliminating dramatic eye rolls from my body language, (for real this time).

I’m sad that Bernie Sanders is no longer a candidate.  I saw a bit of video where he announced his endorsement of Hillary Clinton.  The part that stood out to me was when Hillary embraced him afterward.  Based solely on what I observed, her hug appeared very warm and sincere.  That’s probably why it stood out to me.  I didn’t know anything about their relationship prior to that footage.  I don’t watch the news because I’m impressionable, but aware enough to know that the views they express are biased by their Saudi Arabian owners.  Since that’s not enough information to draw any conclusions on agenda, I remove it from consideration.

I’ve lived in Saudi Arabia.  It’s the same as everywhere else I’ve been, but the wrapping is different.  Some people are awesome, and some suck.  My host family was large, and I grew to love them.  I laughed a lot when I lived there.  I didn’t know anything about their culture prior to living there, but my overall impression was a feeling of safety.  It would have shocked me, had I known what a lot of Americans assume.  Instead, it was a time in my life when I felt protected.  But they have their problems, just like any other nation.  There’s no such thing as a perfect country, or form of government.  The only form of government that is not corrupt is anarchy, and nobody wants that.  Well, nobody who understands what it means, and isn’t actively suicidal.

Lately, I’ve been paying attention to Trump supporters, and Clinton supporters.  I need to listen to them for a while so I can understand where they’re coming from, and why.  It looks like they’ll be my options, so I need to figure out which one will represent my America.  Right now, I’m leaning toward Hillary Clinton.  I’ve avoided listening to Trump supporters up until now, because Sanders was my choice.  I’ve been thinking about both candidates without the bullshit they’re currently buried in by opposition.  If I take away the racism consideration, it evens up the playing field a surprising amount.  Experience and connections are Clintons edge.  Trump needs to work on his social and communication skills in order to gain support from many who oppose him now because of this.

I don’t mean he needs to start being politically correct.  He can’t go there now.  I mean he needs to say what he means every time he opens his mouth.  No more of this stumbling for metaphors and circling around coherence.  No more having to wait for him to clarify, and having it look exactly like backpedalling.  Or flip-flopping.  (English is such a goofy language.)  The best thing Clinton can do from now until we vote is step back a bit.  She needs to reign in her husband and put him on a leash. (Yes, that was petty, but also funny.)  He’s not helping her campaign in any way, though.  The less we see of him, the better.  Those of us who will be voting for her while gnashing our teeth are not interested in his shenanigans.

I figure Chelsea will be recovered enough from giving birth to join Hillary on the last leg of her campaign.  We’ll listen to Chelsea because we don’t resent her for getting away with murder.  Take from that what you will.  So I’ll continue to listen to Samantha Bee, and the people I follow on Twitter.  I follow supporters of Trump, Clinton, and those who have pretty much sworn not to vote for either one.  I guess I should be relieved that Ted Cruz is out.  He gave me nightmares.  That video of his daughter refusing to hug him… Creepy AF.  (Huge shudder).

What I’ve learned from Trump supporters is this:  Lots of people have written them off as being “dumb”.  However, they’re basing it on the same criteria used in American schools.  They think anyone who doesn’t learn from books and teacher-student instruction is “dumb”.  It’s bullshit.  The truth is that a lot of these people learn from watching video.  It means they got their impression of Trump from reality TV.  It’s easy to scoff at that, and dismiss it.  But when you look closer, it’s clearer.  They see him as someone who values merit.  He’s brash and crude, but he picks the guy who does the best work.  Doing your best work and earning your accolades is commendable.  This is what they see in Trump.  A man who recognizes the person who most merits recognition, above all other considerations.

It took me a long time to understand this.  I’ve been staring at Trump supporters, and wondering WTF, too.  Now I understand why they are able to overlook the arsenal of shit he’s buried in.  They can accept a racist president if he’s the type of guy that values merit.  Now don’t get all snarky on me.  Racist presidents are a fucking tradition in America.  Just because our sitting president is half white, half black, (and all nigger to some assholes), doesn’t mean we’re suddenly going to require our presidents to stop being racists.  One small step at a time, we make progress toward a human race that isn’t set on self destruct.  I know we can get there.  I read about it all the time in my speculative fiction novels.  They are much better at predicting the future of humanity than Nostradamus, and all the other non-scientific nonsense out there.

So the bottom line for me is hope.  I’m sad that we’re not ready for Bernie Sanders.  But I’m not going to spit in his face and give up altogether.  He asked us to vote for Hillary.  The least we can do is consider it.  We wanted him to be perfect, because we have youthful minds.  We’re idealists, full of hope and love.  Of course we practically put him on a pedestal.  But we also laughed when Conan and Samantha Bee poked at us over it.  We know how we are.  Hah.  So to my fellow Bernie supporters I say, game on.  Do your research, and vote.  Vote for the lesser of evils.  Vote for the one who you believe will not fuck things up so much that we can’t recover, (remember, we survived Bush twice).  Stop being butthurt to the point of not voting at all.

If you don’t vote because you’re disgusted that Bernie Sanders is no longer a candidate, than you are the biggest loser.  You have chosen to silence yourself because you didn’t get your way.  You don’t understand your own leader, if you think Bernie would rather you stop participating altogether, than vote for Clinton.  Your right to vote is almost sacred.  People fought with everything they had to get some of us this right.  Don’t shit on the ones who sacrificed everything for our present.  They’re the greatest people in the history of our nation.  They’re the ones who truly understand We, the People.