He repeated the name of the gift?

I remembered to take some photos of my new desk once I got it set up.  First, the excuses:  I suck at photography.  I used my phone.  I didn’t turn on a light, because I suck at photography.  If these appear as a dark, blurry waste of my time, please inform me kindly in the comments.

uno tres dos

I’ll try to identify what’s in the photos.  The monitor on the left is an HP 27″ IPS 1080P that I’ve had for years.  The monitor on the right is a Dell 27″ Ultrasharp 1440.  Mounted below the desk, and not really showing is my PC tower.  The other computer is a Mac mini.  The blue guy is a Giant Munny Glow-in-the-dark version.  It’s 18″ tall IIRC.  The midi keyboard is an Akai MPK249.  The small keyboard is a WASD, and the gaming keyboard is Razer.  Speakers are Kantos (the ones with bluetooth).  The desk is from The Human Solution.  If I forgot something, and you want to know, ask in comments.

It was easy to assemble, using the videos on their website that guide you step by step.  I chose bamboo for my desktop, and black C-legs.  It took about 10 days from order to delivery, which was done by UPS.  The lift/lower mechanism is excellent, silent, and neither quick or slow.  I can adjust it in very small intervals, and save up to 4 settings.  I highly recommend this e-tailer, as well as the product.  I’ve spent hours both standing, and leaning on my stool while writing code, gaming, and creating music.  I got the standing mat for free with my desk, and it’s necessary to prevent fatigue after an hour or so.  I’m a happy customer.  I’ll show what I did with my other gaming setup later.  I attached a 32″ Samsung curved gaming monitor to my Alienware laptop.  Stay tuned for more pics.

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