Up here, I’m already gone.


Today was good.  I did manage to get back on track, thanks to Wanda Sykes.  Yesterday, I played at a recital, and got eaten alive by mosquitos in the process.  Then I modeled a dress for a neighbor who’s studying fashion design today.  It was only a few classmates and instructors, so I didn’t feel too anxious.  I liked the dress.  It was like a corset on top and then the skirt part flared out a bit.  When it was over, they were all going to meet at a restaurant, and invited me to go too.  I said, no, thanks.  They asked if I had plans to watch fireworks, and I said no.  There was a pause that I think was probably awkward, but I didn’t have anything else to add.

I didn’t want to tell them that fireworks are pretty to look at, but the sound is hell for me.  I’m wearing ear plugs as I type this, and can only hear a muffled pop every so often.  It’s muffled enough to prevent startling me.  I didn’t want to be driving when people started lighting them.  I think it would be like driving with a snake loose in the backseat for someone who’s afraid of snakes.  So I came home and continued reading my book.  I’m glad this holiday is almost over.  I missed Trivia tonight, but I played Match Game last night, and had a blast.  One of the panelists was a real comedian who opened for Dane Cook at some point.  I know.  He’s a douche.  But still, that’s impressive.  He was hella funny, too.

I think one of my favorite authors released a new book recently.  I also found out that J. K. Rowling published under a pseudonym the other day, meaning there are books she’s written that I haven’t yet read.  That stunning oversight will be rectified ASAP.  Harry Potter and the Cursed Child script is out on the 31st.  Books make me so happy.  I’m off to buy some.