Do women know about shrinkage?

Content Warning:  This post contains graphic descriptions of obscene artwork.

I’ve slept well the past few nights.  I normally consider 4-6 hours a good night, but I’ve been enjoying 6-7 hours.  Aside from feeling pretty disoriented when I look at the clock, it’s good.  I wonder if we did something in therapy that eliminated one of my sleep demons.  If so, yay.  If not, who cares, this is awesome.  I’ve also felt tired, which is odd considering I’m on a running break.  I’ve substituted running with gaming.  I really enjoy doing the daily quests in Draenor with all 3 of my level 100 toons.  I have a hunter, a paladin, and a monk, so they’re quite different to play.  The hardest part is remembering that I’m not on my tank on 2 of my toons, and going in like an over-militarized police force.  It’s gotten me killed plenty of times.

I’m starting to feel a nagging urge to create some art again.  Last time, I think I did a song.  Maybe this time I’ll try doing a graphic in Photoshop.  I’ve had quite a few pass through my mind that amused me.  But some could have gotten me in trouble again.  Apparently obscenity in art is in poor taste, even when it’s the point of the piece.  The last time I got in trouble, I created a graphic and uploaded it to my DA account.  I got feedback, and then reworked it with a more realistic appearance.  The first one may still be there for all I know.  The second one got taken down, and I got a digital scolding.  I have no idea why metaphorical mirrors are offensive.  What I created was an image of a flat world map superimposed over buttocks.  The Middle East was positioned directly in the crack of said buttocks.  Draped in an American flag, was an erect penis, positioned to penetrate the Middle East.

In my opinion, my graphic accurately reflected the political status quo not only at the time that I created it, but ever since, as well.  I was told it was obscene.  I wholeheartedly agree.  It is obscene.  What I don’t understand, is why my metaphorical graphic is obscene, but literally doing the same thing in life is acceptable.  And don’t get me wrong.  I wasn’t making any sort of reference to homosexuality.  I was doing what I do best.  I was being literal.  I don’t care where you stand on the political scene, the indigenous people affected by the displacement and violence are getting fucked.  We even created a scandal when literally handing them US cash to pay for our (crimes?), in what seems from the outside, to be an act of desperation.  It could be a brilliant move, for all I know.  I don’t have enough information to be certain.  My point is this; even our government is acknowledging that these people are being fucked, and is giving them money to compensate for it.

In America, that’s how an institution apologizes.  So that’s why it seems desperate to me.  But my time in the service taught me that the information given to civilians via TV news networks and stations is decided by the Pentagon.  I don’t object.  I was astonished when I found out, though.  Everything on the news in USA is created with the assumption that our enemies are watching, and is shown accordingly.  There are other agendas in there, too.  I’m looking at you, R.  “I sure hope you don’t install Trump as POTUS”, she said, cynically.    I just quoted myself and find it amusing.

I’m in a weird mood.  I blame the not running.  Usually I think all my goofiest, wildest thoughts while running, and then I don’t share them.  My weird is leaking!  I finally went over to the office to pick up my packages.  I had more there than I was expecting, and spent a while unboxing, and flattening the boxes for recycling.  I got some new glasses cleaning solutions and microfiber cloths.  I have a really hard time keeping my glasses clean.  The problem is that I can’t see clearly enough without my glasses to be able to inspect them after I attempt to clean them.  I’ve tried in all sorts of lighting, but they’ll look clean, and then when I put them on, things look a bit hazy.  I think it’s oil from my fingerprints on the lens, and I’m merely smearing it around.

So I ordered a few different types of lens cleaning solution, because the Windex I already had didn’t help at all.  It made it a lot worse, in fact.  I cleaned my glasses with dishwashing soap and hot water, then used one of the solutions.  It didn’t help at all with the microfiber cloth.  But when I used a Kimwipe or 10, they finally got clean and as clear as I can get them.  Next time I get glasses, I’m not getting any of those coatings on my lenses.  It makes them so hard to clean.  I want fingerprint-proof glass on my glasses and all my device screens, please.  We should be using micro projected light waves instead of solid surfaces for both, anyway.  There shouldn’t be anything solid inside the frames of my glasses.  I wonder how much longer we have to wait.

I found out a lot of information about my new place in Denver today.  I thought it was going to be finished completely by the end of August.  I was mistaken.  I didn’t account for waiting on permits and inspections, or some such.  I wasn’t even given new estimates.  They don’t think I need to worry about a late December move-in date.  They’re sure it’ll be completed by then.  But they always followed that with a reminder that they have no control over how long certain aspects will take.  So I was almost grateful.  I did order a new sit/stand desk.  It’s bamboo with black legs, and has a 4 position memory on the lift and lower panel, so I can save my favorite 4 desk heights.  We’ll see if I can come up with 4 favorites.  I’m skeptical.  Two will probably suffice.

I’m a little excited about it, because it’s my first non-Ikea desk in what feels like a long time.  I do love Ikea, but I’ve come to an age where owning fewer things of more lasting quality is what appeals.  I’ve evolved as far as what objects I treasure.  I mean, I’m sure everyone does over time…  I can feel that I’m starting to grow away from urban vinyl collecting.  I haven’t purchased a new one in several months.  I still do and fly by’s on occassion.  But the urge to buy anything is gone.  I think it might have to do with the fact that I got what to me is the ultimate figure.

I think my interest is moving more toward action figures instead.  I definitely want 2 Leia’s.  One as the Princess, and one as the General.  The one in the white robe, not the gold bikini.  That character has a lot of meaning for me.  It was the first time I realized women can go to space, and be political leaders, and lead rebellions, etc.  It blew my mind in a good way.  It expanded my horizons at a young age.  I don’t recall ever feeling like anything I wanted to do was out of my reach.  So, yeah.  I dig Leia a lot.  Science fiction is a big part of my life, and has been since I was 12, and my brother gave me a copy of Dune.  I couldn’t identify a Kardashian in a lineup, but I can tell you the plots of over 10 different stories about Mars, and which details are scientifically based, which were purely imagined at first, and are now reality based, and other such fascinating things.

I could talk about science fiction novels almost as much as I could talk about computers.  Talking about the things I love is one of my favorite things to do in the world.  But it’s rarely appropriate.  When I do get a chance, I cherish every moment of it, though.  Then when I feel the urge to do it again, but don’t have the opportunity, I can play back a previous time in my head.  I haven’t met very many people who love computers as much as I do.  No, wait.  That’s not actually accurate.  I don’t know very many people who enjoy listening to me talk about how much I love computers.  Bullseye.  And on that morose (by Blythe Milby) note, I’m off to read.