So that’s one tuck, and one no tuck.

I’m getting excited about moving, again.  One thing that I won’t miss about South Dakota is the humidity.  There’s a hay field adjacent to my apartment complex.  When the hay is plowed, baled, and taken away, there is a noticeable drop in humidity, just from that.  If I were surrounded by corn fields, I would never go outside.  Corn is the worst at holding humidity at ground level.  Not to mention the horror movie references to add a creepiness factor.  In Denver, humidity isn’t an issue.  I suppose it’s due to the high altitude.  I’m also taking note of things I’m missing by not being there.  My birthday is also a holiday called, Juneteenth.  It represents Black Independence Day.  It’s celebrated in Denver every year.

I’m almost structuring my transition as if I was in the military and preparing to PCS (permanent change of station).  I’ve created an outline that I’ll add to as things occur to me.  Things like submitting an address change with the post office.  Once I have a pretty good outline, I’ll make some checklists to work through as the time to move gets closer.  I figure if I allow myself to obsess about preparation, I’ll be too busy to get anxious about moving.  And sooner than I’ll realize, it’ll be time to go.  I’m going to hire a company that cleans apartments between tenants to clean my unit after I move everything out.  I’ve always gotten my deposit back, and this company guarantees it.  Otherwise, it would take me a few days to properly clean it.  I’m a slow cleaner because I get distracted so easily.

I like cleaning, but then I like pretty much all mind-numbing, repetitive motion.  Especially if it serves a purpose.  I sorted through a lot of things I want to give away tonight.  It’ll be so nice to own far less when I move.  I like photos of things more than the actual things quite often.  Unless it’s a tool of some sort, like my violin, or computers.  I want to do a hall wall that’s floor to ceiling photos of stuff I like but don’t want the burden of owning.  That’ll be fun.  I’m off to read.