I would drape myself in velvet if it was socially acceptable.

Yesterday was my birthday.  I didn’t celebrate, or anything.  Honestly, if not for the companies I do business with sending me amusing email cards, snail mail cards, and phone messages, I may have forgotten it altogether.  My sister and nephew are on a long trip, and won’t be back until mid August.  I talked to her on the phone, but she’d already given me my gift before she left.  I thanked her again, anyway.  I spent most of the day trying to outwalk my tooth pain.  But I still managed to get my chores done, and watched that new Jim Gaffigan show.  He cracks me up.

I’ve been bummed out over my clumsiness of late, but I had so much fun playing trivia earlier that the Depression Monster was sent packing.  My OT was disturbed by my current balance issues, and sent me to my GP to get my ears checked.  Turns out I have an ear infection, and that messes with balance.  What irks me is that I know how to fall properly to avoid injury.  It’s just that the technique is useless unless there is sufficient space around your landing zone.  I fell properly.  Unfortunately, there was the wall and door in my way.  And an ice cube in my mouth.  Now I have a slight dent in my cheek at the impact point.  It may or may not be permanent.  If it is, I’ll rename it ‘dimple’.  My face, my rules.

Once I get an appointment, I’ll be getting tooth implants to replace what gravity has claimed.  But tomorrow, I’m going to get some chocolate cake.  Someone mentioned it today, and I’ve been mentally obsessing about it ever since.  Funny how something so simple for me to obtain can still make me look forward to tomorrow.  And with the full knowledge that I’ll probably forget about it when I sleep tonight.  Chocolate cake, get in my belly.