I hate The Drake

I just got back from watching Zootopia and eating pizza with other residents at my apartment complex.  The movie was funny, and had a promising message and undertone.  Basically, it was anthropomorphic animals playing out the human drama of racism, stereotyping, and intolerance, and where it inevitably leads.  Sort of an updated Star Bellied Sneetches.  Plenty of the humor was aimed at adults, with a few super cute scenes, and one anxious moment that caused the little girl in the audience to jump, grab her Mom, and giggle at her own reaction.

It didn’t frighten me, which is saying something, (when you consider the fact that Ghostbusters briefly scared me).  They ordered the good pizza, too.  Papa John’s.  It’s the best you can get delivered locally.  I had 2 slices.  Now I’m over-full.  There was a woman who ate 7 pieces, which I must say was impressive.  They purchased too much pizza, so they were encouraging us to return for more.  Some took that more seriously than others.  There were 13 or 14 people in total.  I sat in the back row because I didn’t want anyone to watch me if I got too into the film.  I usually get too into the film, and for whatever reason, I tilt my head to a 45° angle to watch.  It’s like my avatar’s rest mode.  It’s not really something you can explain to a curious stranger, and not come off as even weirder.

My strategic seating worked, and I wasn’t the only one who sat funny.  The guy a few seats to my right scrunched down until he was practically laying in his seat.  It was my second time seeing the movie, and I got a lot more out of it this time.  I acquired some new information, so one part that was confusing the first time became clever.  I love when that happens.  Also, I noticed something.  When I watch a funny movie with other people, there are times when they laugh and I don’t.  Then my mind rewinds the scene and replays it a few times so I see what about it is amusing.  This works about half the time.  So I get more out of a funny movie if I watch with other people.  Noted.

I was feeling poorly all day today.  I have a sinus infection, and just started taking meds for it.  Post nasal drip messes with my gag reflex, so I ended up hurling every time I tried to eat something.  Fortunately, it stopped before movie time.  My minor headache has been annoying me in the background.  If I’m not vigilant, it can leak out as crankiness.  So a movie was just the right level of social interaction.  I only had to talk to 1 person.  Two, if you count saying, “Hi”.  And she works in the office, so it wasn’t like we just met.  Yep.  Just right.

I’m banned from running until July.  I’m trying not to let that freak me out.  It’s happened before, so I can survive it.  My therapist said she’ll teach me some new coping skills in the meantime.  She gets that it’s my best way of coping because it’s also a stim.  I love everything about running.  The shoes, the track suits, the scenery, and music, and the feeling of strength and motion in rhythm.  It feels so incredible to have runner’s high coming on while listening to Amy Lee singing Lacrymosa with Evanescence.  Incredible.  I miss it already.

I make a new playlist every month, and create a mental video as I run.  A few days into each month, the mental video is tweaked and edited to perfectly represent the music, as well as how I’m feeling on my run.  I’m a bit of a gadget freak, so I’ve been using Nike+ and a Fitbit since they came out.  I’m on my third or fourth Fitbit.  The first one was my favorite, but it broke due to a design flaw.  Usually, the only thing I like about first generation gadgets is that they’re often built with better materials than the versions that follow.  My first Playstation 3 was significantly heavier and sturdier than my 3rd.  My original Xbox was built like a tank, (because Microsoft took a huge risk, and it’s payed off in a major way).  The original Playstation Vita had an OLED screen.  Now they have an LCD screen.  Second generation usually means cheaper materials and cost, but they address the issues most loudly bitched about from the first gen.

The Xbox 360 went a bit too far in reducing the cost of materials, and resulted in the Red Ring of Death.  But the Xbox One S looks fabulous.  I bought a Day One edition first.  Then I got disgusted with how greedy Microsoft was for my bandwidth and their always online, (and camera and mic) policy.  So I sold it on Amazon, and got a white PS4 Destiny Special Edition.  It’s lovely, and I keep it in the vertical position.  Then Tombraider came out, so I got the Xbox One Rise of the Tomb Raider 1TB Bundle.  And Halo 5.  That left with my nephew.  So now I’m going to order the new white Xbox One S 1TB Day One Edition.  They really need to stop with these ridiculously long names.  And you don’t go from 360 to 1, Microsoft.  Who’s in charge of this shit?

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