Surfing is the ocean throwing us out of itself.

I’m upset about the mass murders in Orlando, much like I’m sure many others are as well.  I’m sad, and I’m also angry.  I’m furious, in fact.  I’m certain my rage comes from a selfish place.  One that recognizes the blood on my own hands for not dropping everything, and putting all that I have into fighting for gun control laws.  The fact that I’m partially responsible for 50 people being brutally murdered is more than I can even wrap around my mind.  So I call it rage, and I wrestle with the futility of such an emotion.

America has basically said, “I don’t care, it doesn’t affect me directly.” to the gun control issue.  That attitude is the type of complacency that has led to Trump being touted as a viable candidate for POTUS.  A very small number of people think this is a good idea.  The rest just plain don’t give a flying fuck one way or another.  There are even people who put forth effort in proclaiming why we should “Vote for Hillary, at least she’s not as arrogant about her alarming past!”.  At least that’s what I keep hearing.  So unless you happen to be grieving over a loss that came about as a result of one of the White Terrorists of America, or ISIS, etc., than you probably don’t care about gun control.  I’m sorry to report that clearly, every single person murdered by terrorists between 9/11 and today, hasn’t been enough to make Americans care enough to act.

It’s bass ackwards.  Fewer people died on 9/11 than have died since, as a result of a few groups, including the White Terrorists of America.  You know, the white guys who go on a shooting spree because they’re butthurt over being ignored at school, (or some equally temporary bullshit that if you can’t endure, life is going to kick your ass).  Or the white guy who decides his religion gives him the right to shoot up an abortion clinic, because Carly said…  Him.  The ones who have unreasonable access to assault rifles, because Charlton Heston made a few movies based extremely loosely on the Bible.  And that makes perfect sense to people who should never touch an assault rifle.  Because they think a book written over 2k years ago should be a scapegoat for their hatred.  Oops.  I mean because they think the Bible is the only law they must obey.  Even when they fail to properly, (acceptably?) interpret said law, or Bible, for that matter.

So I’ve managed to single out white men as American terrorists, which although factual, is an unnecessary detail.  American male suffices.  The race varies between sociopaths.  Dumping on white American men didn’t decrease the amount of blood on my hands.  Nor did zooming in further, and giving Christians their fair share of the burden in murder inciting.  Or conspiracy, if you prefer.  I’m still guilty.  And no amount of rage will change a thing.  I have to act.  Action gets results.  There’s no acceptable reason for an American citizen to own an assault rifle.  No person visiting the USA has an acceptable use, either.  It’s called an assault rifle, because that’s what it’s designed for.  It helps you commit assault.  In rapid succession, and through walls and doors.  It’s a tool for mass murder.  There is nothing sporting about it.  Mass murder tool.  Period.

Anyone who continues to manufacture assault rifles for American consumers is aiding in mass murder.  Any American who continues to sell or own an assault rifle is a potential mass murderer, and should be FLAGGED as a possible terrorist.  The problem is not with the race of the shooter.  It’s with a weapon designed to commit mass murder being available to someone who would want to own such a thing.  This is not a baffling conundrum.  (Unless you’re profiting from the assault rifle industry).  Another day going by without this being enforced is more blood on the hands of all voting eligible American citizens.  We hold the power to make this change, and we’ve done nothing.  There have been efforts, but you know what Yoda says, “Do or do not, there is no try!”