Accident? This was no accident. These doves were murdered.

Today sucked for the most part.  I woke up with a migraine and sinus issues.  These were leftover from Sunday, which also sucked, but I think I already complained about Sunday.  I spent most of today alternating between hovering over the toilet, and sitting on the floor leaning against the tub.  I don’t know for certain what made me sick, but I suspect it was the egg I added to my ramen noodles last night.  I don’t normally cook.  But I do know how to make ramen noodles.  I used the stove, which is difficult for me because it requires staying in the kitchen the entire time.  It takes about 5 minutes total, including preparing and cooking.  Twice, I caught myself wandering off, but I managed to remain until they finished.  I think the fact that my cat was napping at the time helped.

I like to crack an egg over the noodles while they cook.  It results in soft boiled egg bits, adding protein to my noodles.  It looked fine when I added it, so I’m not positive it caused today to suck so hard.  I also acquired a lot of mosquito bites while on my run, but that doesn’t seem likely to have made me ill.  Whatever caused it, at least it appears to be over.  In addition to that suckage, Anxiety was kicking me around all day.  I didn’t have a full blown panic attack, but I almost think it would have been better if I did, and then got it over with.  It’s a delayed reaction to my stepping outside of my comfort zone.  Today, I got the call informing me that I was chosen to play violin with the group I mentioned previously.  I haven’t played in an orchestra or ensemble in years, so it felt good to be selected.

My nephew showed up unexpectedly this afternoon, because I forgot to let my sister know that I missed my flight.  I forgot to inform the doctor I was going to see in the first place, as well.  It just didn’t occur to me.  My nephew figured I lost track of time while gaming, and missed my flight.  His son told him what happened, and how well he handled it.  He was on his way back to Denver, and asked his son if he wanted to go home yet.  He didn’t.  He left a few hours ago.  I forgot to ask him how long is the drive.  He showed me the progress they’ve made on my unit.  It looks a lot different than it did the last time I was there.  My windows are bigger than I thought, which is cool.  There were things we disagreed about in the design, and I thought he was going to do what he wanted, but it turns out he did what I wanted.  Yay.

The next several hours were just me isolating in my bathroom, asking the universe to put me out of my misery.  I was so wrecked.  At least they respected my need to isolate while it was going on.  My cat sat outside the door and called to me for a while.  Then she started sticking her paw under the door.  It was so cute, but I was too miserable to fuss over her.  She’s been glued to me since I came out.  I missed playing trivia tonight.  That bummed me out.  It’s a once weekly event, and I was really looking forward to it.  I feel disoriented.  It seems like it should be late afternoon.  I didn’t run today, for obvious reasons.  After Hurlfest ’16, I curled up with my weighted blanket and read the same page of my book several times without comprehending it.  It was just a shitty day.

I finally went out to see if my nephew was hungry or needed anything.  He was too absorbed in a videogame to form a coherent reply.  So I made us sandwiches.  My cat is staring at me right now, like she wants to say something like, “I heard you hacking up that hairball earlier.  You did it wrong.  You’re supposed to do that on the rug, dummy”.  I cancelled my therapy appointment for tomorrow during Hurlfest ’16, when I was pretty sure I was going to die from literally puking my guts out.  My therapist emailed to say she hopes I feel better, and that she’s still available during our scheduled time tomorrow.  So I uncancelled in my reply.  Isolating with my weighted blanket helped me calm down after I finally stopped hurling, and I put Anxiety in her place.  I hate that bitch.

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  • Trivia will be there for you next week. And congrats on the audition! Hopefully you won’t need the “vomiting” tag for a long time to come.

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