Remembering Mom

Remembering Mom
As I remember my childhood, you were always around.
You struggled to reach me, but success was found.
Your gentle nudges, your constant support.
Your disbelief in a doctor's report.

You realized quickly that I am unique.
You refused to allow anyone to call me a freak.
You saw my potential, and encouraged me
to pursue my interests joyfully.

I acquired your mannerisms, and share your same wit.
With you, I felt useful. Not just some misfit.
It doesn't matter whether we share the same face.
Or that we're not even of the same race.

I am who I am, and I do what I do
because at three days old, I was brought home to you.
Even as a child, it was easy to see
that you were a wonderful mother to me.

Heather, Mom, me, Steve

(Left to right – Heather, Mom, me, Steve)