Well, you’re just as pretty as any of them. You just need a nose job.

Today has been productive, and busy.  I began a new solo project, much to my relief.  It means I don’t have to worry about pacing with my co-workers, who are still working on a different project.  Everyone is happy, and we had fun voting on a fun project for next week.  Stop motion parody won hands down.  It’ll be better than our live action parody we did months ago.  Our acting skills are painfully lacking.  It was still fun, though.  We usually take a more literal approach to a TV commercial that annoys us.  I wanted to do the Hormel Pepperoni commercial, but the guys insisted it’s too annoying to even imitate.  After some thought, I had to agree.

I got a phone call from the CEO of a company I interviewed with a few years ago.  Our new hire did such an excellent job handling the call, then asking me if I could talk.  I took the call in my office with the door closed.  Sean likes to stand in my doorway, and try to get me to laugh while I’m on the phone.  He did the ‘shave and a haircut’ knock a few times, then must have grown bored when I gave him no response.  It didn’t make me laugh, but I did smile.  Sometimes, I think it’s a curse to have the sense of humor of a typical 13-year-old boy.  But since I also seem to have the same taste in clothing, toys, movies, and video games, I probably shouldn’t be surprised.  It just occurred to me that maybe I should be embarrassed by this, but I’m not.  I’m WYSIWYG, (pronounced wizzywig – what you see is what you get).  Sophistication took one look at me, giggled condescendingly, and kept walking.

We all went out for lunch together earlier.  We went to Taco Bell, because it was the only restaurant we all like.  The guys sat in a 4 person booth, and I sat in the seating in the middle, near enough to hear the conversation.  As I started unwrapping my lunch, 2 kids came and sat with me.  I figure they were probably around 7 or 8.  We discussed the fact that Taco Bell doesn’t give out toys, and how we all three felt that was unfortunate.  Then about ‘Finding Dory’, and how it seems like forever until it finally comes out, (in June).  Then they went on about favorite characters from ‘Finding Nemo’, and I tuned into what the guys were discussing for a moment.  Boobies.  Back to the kids.  I asked them if they are into Pokemon.  That took us through the rest of lunch, and they left as I was throwing away my trash.

Their parents were seated in a booth, in view of their kids.  It always trips me out how kids just know I’m approachable.  It happens often when I’m in public, and has for as long as I can recall.  They sit with me on planes and busses.  When I’m in waiting rooms playing games on my phone, they sit practically on me in order to see the screen and watch me play.  I usually carry at least 2 devices that can play games, but I don’t always share.  Some kids don’t understand the concept of borrowing versus gifting yet.  I gave a kid a Nintendo DS once, because when I asked for it back, he melted.  His Mom thanked me profusely when I ran to my car to retrieve the charger and case for him, which went a long way toward helping him regain himself.  It wasn’t new by any stretch, and I only had the 1 game (Animal Crossing).

I agreed to meet with the CEO of the company I spoke with on the phone.  He’ll be in town next week, much to my amazement.  We are the halfway point between NYC and Silicon Valley, but most just fly over.  He didn’t go into detail about what we’ll be discussing, but I suspect a job offer may be in the cards.  He’s calling again tomorrow to get some info I didn’t have available today, so maybe he’ll share more.  I felt giddy talking to him.  He’s a tech visionary, and that’s almost as heroic as some authors are to me.  Yuge!  I have a feeling he’ll be world famous someday.  But regardless, I’m excited to meet with him again.  I can’t wait to sit there with my mouth ajar, hanging on every word as he describes his latest ideas, and more importantly, his plans on how to implement them.  If he was a rockstar, I’d totally be holding up my lighter.  I sound like a lovesick schoolgirl, but I don’t care.  I love it when I see a star shine before my very eyes.  It inspires me, and makes me feel excited about life.

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