This has international incident written all over it.

Today was better.  I only have one more day of going in at 5 AM.  Our newest hire is almost up to speed.  Her setup arrived, and we were all feeling a little jealous after it was ergonomically tuned and powered up.  She got a 32″ Dell monitor.  The good 4k one, [corrected].  Then when we found out she’s using at a 1080P resolution to suit her eyesight, it was a little painful.  She has the treadmill sit/stand workstation with a Herman Miller Aeron chair with lumbar support and adjustable arms for when she’s sitting.  I was surprised she picked the treadmill, but then I saw her doing it, and it’s a slow pace.  The desk raises and lowers with a button, and the monitor is on an arm that she just pulls over to the seated side.

The specialist had her transition a few times to get the hang of it.  We were all standing around watching, and probably wishing we thought to get one of those too.  I know I was.  Maybe in Denver.  I wanted to try one of those leaning stools, but he didn’t have any with him.  I’m pretty sure that would end in tears, anyway.  I don’t have to worry about lack of motion.  I fidget a lot.  When I’m not hyper-focused on my task, it’s easy for me to get sidetracked.  Leaving my office is all it takes.  I’m going to pass something shiny on my way to wherever I’m going, and might make it back soon, or in an hour.  I don’t worry about it too much, because I usually hyper-focus until my task is completed.

I dressed up today since it finally stopped raining.  Dressing up in my case means not wearing jeans, sneakers, and a t-shirt.  I was sporting a stylin’ pair of plaid slacks in cream and grays, a gray blouse, and black leather flats.  I don’t do heels, because gravity.  We all dress up one day a week, weather permitting.  We’re probably the only office in town that doesn’t open when there’s thunder.  Actually, after training is over, we’ll have one person who can cover the phones, at least.  Thunder has freaked me out since the first time I heard it.  When it’s predicted, I wear noise cancelling headphones to help, but I still feel the building shake sometimes.  If I’m at work and it starts, then I just get a ride home, and get my car the next day.  But if it’s already started when we’re ready to drive in, we don’t go in.

The sound proofing in our offices is much much better than at my apartment.  We have soundproofing between units, but not from the outside.  So it’s better if I’m at work when they start.  I hate that they’re unpredictable, and impossible to brace for.  If I have to be outside when there’s thunder, I shake so violently I bit a tiny piece of tongue skin off once.  It’s a horrible feeling, because I can’t control it.  When it happened in basic training in South Carolina, I shook so hard, and we were on a forced march, so everyone behind me could see.  I tried to play it off by saying I was cold, but when a super loud burst of thunder came, and then I saw a flash of lightening that seemed too close for comfort, I ran all the way back to the bivouac site, (about 1/4 mile).  For a while, they called me the Bionic Woman.  It was a pure adrenalin surge, so I imagine I did run pretty fast.

That one still isn’t funny to me.  Maybe when I’m 50.  Someone in the parking lot has their stereo up so loudly that I can feel the bass.  And in the time it took me to type that, they drove off.  I used to want a thumpin’ system, until I rode in a car with someone who had one.  I’m pretty sure I acquired some permanent hearing loss from the experience.  It was far more jarring than I had anticipated, too.  I think I was seated in front of a giant subwoofer.  It made my skull feel too small.  But it was so awesome at the time.  I thought the stereo, and tinted windows were top priorities in purchasing a car back then.  Now, I’m more concerned about the smoothness of the ride.  I’m probably going to be one of those old ladies who drive a 5-year-old luxury sedan with less than 2k miles on it, with me as original owner.  I just hope it’s a Tesla.

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